Rapper Meek Mill Reduced To Tears In Court For Probation Violation, Nicki Minaj Tries To Plead His Case With The Judge

As Meek Mill defends his freedom, he stated, “I’m not a gangsta.” However, the judge wonders how many second chances she needed to give Meek Mill. See her decision here.

The rapper found himself back in court on Thursday. Essentially, the topic of discussion was Meek Mill’s probation violation. The Daily Mail reports that Judge Genece Brinkley listened as the Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper pleaded his case.

Right now, Meek Mill could be facing jail time for violating the travel restrictions of his probation. According to the source, Meek testified that since she allowed him a second chance when he violated probation before in a similar manner, it helped to turn his life around.

Meek Mill apologized for the times he’s violated the conditions of his probation and even teared up at the thought of going back to jail. The rapper mentioned that he’s in a different place than he was in 2009 and has a family — as well as a future spouse, Nicki Minaj.

However, the words of Meek Mill fell on deaf ears, so to speak. The judge wasn’t having it, as she said, “How many times am I supposed to give him a second chance?”

This even came after several Meek Mill supporters testified and gave statements on his behalf.

Alongside Nicki Minaj was her manager, Shawn Gee. He also attempted to give the judge a little insight into the music industry world.

“The unpredictability of shows is, unfortunately, part of the business. A large portion of his income probably comes from those one-off tours that are inherently unpredictable.”

According to the source, even Kenny Gamble — an all-star music producer — stated that placing Meek Mill in prison will do him no good, especially with all the strides he’s made since 2009. Yet, according to Philly.com, the judge mentioned her and Meek’s relationship.

“I bent over backward to give him every opportunity to grow his career… [to Meek Mill] I know the people who support you really want you to get probation. I don’t know [if] that would be appropriate because you and I have been around the block a few times.”

To that, Mill responded, “I know, your honor. I would never dishonor and disrespect you knowing that you are the person who gave me the shot to change my life.”

Meek also apologized for calling the district attorney out by name in one of his songs.

Those Lyrics that Meek Mill apologized to the DA for were rhymes on the song “Faded Too Long Freestyle” in 2012. pic.twitter.com/bN0tO6yboA

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) December 17, 2015

Regardless, as it seems, Meek will still have to report for possible sentencing on February 5, 2016. Until then, the rapper has been restricted from work until that date.

There are both positive and negative aspects of this restriction. On the positive side, it prevents Meek from incurring any further probation violations due to last-minute industry calls or travel requirements. On the negative side, while Mill is not working for approximately a month and a half, he’s also not allowed to travel outside of “five counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania,” says Philly.com. This also includes traveling to see his mother in New Jersey. She recently underwent surgery.

Nevertheless, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are in this probation fight together. Minaj attempted to plead with the judge for understanding regarding fiancé Meek Mill. On top of his travel restrictions, Meek’s management team presented a package of community service options for the rapper to complete as a way to avoid jail time.

And Nicki has mentioned that she’d personally assure that he’d abide by the conditions of his probation, opting to take responsibility for Meek and his future scheduling and traveling endeavors.

USA Today reports that Minaj is trying to keep him in line. The source quotes Meek’s fianceé as follows.

“He doesn’t have a lot of structure. He can be irresponsible. Since I’ve come in his life, I think I’ve been working on that a little bit. He’s just getting accustomed to being an adult.”

According to Philly.com, Meek Mill and community service will go hand-in-hand.

“Mill on Thursday had an impressive list of supporters vowing to work with him to improve the North Philadelphia community: music legend Kenny Gamble, who said he wanted Mill to work with his charter schools and community projects; Jimmie Moore, a former Municipal Court judge now working with residents and youths in North Philadelphia; and Philadelphia music manager Shawn Gee, who has worked with Minaj and offered to help teach Mill how to manage life in the entertainment business.”

Meek told the judge that his entire life is on the line with her decision. His lawyer also pointed out, as the Daily Mail reports, that Nicki Minaj would not marry someone who’s a criminal or in prison. He also mentioned that such a break in Meek’s career would not be good for the rapper. Mill and his music jumped during his beef with Drake. Was it all for nothing? The way it looks, a few prayers wouldn’t hurt, right?

Breaking: Judge rules that Meek Mill did violate probation, will face sentencing in February https://t.co/EnobdsbXt9 pic.twitter.com/miAFC8XOn0

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Do you think the judge should give Meek Mill another chance? Was his violation just a communications error between the courts and Mill’s management teams? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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