Miss Universe Contestants Pose Without Make-Up For #ConfidentlyBeautiful , Promoting Natural Beauty

Through its official Twitter account, Miss Universe is encouraging this year’s candidates to showcase their faces without makeup.

Using the hashtag #ConfidentlyBeautiful, several Miss Universe candidates have already answered the call, posting their makeup-free selfies on the social media website.

Miss Universe Argentina Claudia Barrionuevo took her “no-makeup” pic while lying down on grass. Claudia, 24, was born in Salta, Argentina, where she lives with her mother and two siblings. She began her modeling career when she was 16 years old, and she is currently studying educational psychology.

Image via CLAUDIAMUA2015, Twitter

Monika Radulovic, 25, who is Miss Universe Australia, also shared her gorgeous ponytail look while dolling up in the bathroom. Radulovic has an honors degree in psychology, and she wants to use her skills and passion to help children and adolescents grow to be confident and responsible adults.

Image via Monika_Rad, Twitter

Also joining the no-makeup revolution is Toria Nichole, 27, Miss Universe Bahamas. Nichole shared her picture on Twitter, and it was most likely captured after waking up. She is a successful model who studied industrial design in college.

Miss Universe Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina, 24, also joined the Miss U campaign, as she posted a simple but sweet natural look taken inside her room. Molina is friends with fellow actress Eva Longoria, who inspired her to continue her college education and to keep strong ties with her roots.

Hilda Akua, Miss Universe Ghana, also took part in the challenge as she posted her selfie picture with “no makeup, no hair extensions” on Twitter. She is a humanitarian, a philanthropist, and a founder of Straight Up! Scoliosis, a group that raises awareness about the disease in her country.

Miss Universe Haiti Lisa Drouillard, 23, took her #ConfidentlyBeautiful snapshot while on the go. Lisa is a model, but she also holds a degree in criminal justice. She is also a seasoned violinist, and she is familiar with arts dancing of Haitian folklore.

Miss Universe Indonesia Anindya Kusuma Putri, 23, also shared her no-makeup look on Twitter while preparing for the pageant’s preliminaries. Putri was born in Jakarta and was crowned as Miss Universe Indonesia in February after beating 36 other finalists.

Miss Universe Ireland Joanna Cooper, 21, was also a part of the no-makeup campaign by the Miss Universe committee. She posted her “make up free” selfie on Twitter, and in it she bears a resemblance to supermodel Cara Delevingne. Cooper is a professional gymnast and dancer currently studying broadcast journalism.

Miss Universe Peru Laura Spoya, 24, also took to Twitter and shared her no-makeup selfie, which shows her blowing a kiss to the camera. Spoya is a sports journalist and loves football, but she also loves to cook, especially Peruvian and Italian dishes. Laura wishes to improve society by raising awareness on the need of other people.

The #ConfidentlyBeautiful hashtag that is promoted by the Miss Universe committee is considered a way to combat the negativity that the pageant has been receiving.

In 2013, Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund shared on social media how surprised she was when she watched the Miss Universe pageant and saw how thin the candidates were. She said that the pageant should be a way to showcase the “diversity” of women.

Earlier this year, Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell also tried to veer from the usual hairstyle for Miss Universe candidates by sporting a short cropped ‘do instead. Some fans loved her hair and said that she looked like actress Halle Berry.

Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 Kaci Fennell Talks About Her Hair and Her Heritage

The #ConfidentlyBeautiful Miss Universe campaign is not the first of its kind. Last year, the #NoMakeupSelfie became popular on social media among to promote the natural beauty of women. It was also used to raise funds for cancer research.

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