TNA News: TNA ‘Aggressively’ Going After Talent For Surprise Debuts When TNA Moves To Pop TV

TNA Wrestling lost yet another television deal, this time with Destination America. This is what we know. We also know they managed to get another television contract, but this time with Pop TV under a very interesting deal. It does not seem Pop TV is paying TNA beyond what is made via advertising. TNA has to garner big views to get the most money, which going off of their numbers from even Spike TV, is not projected to be easy for TNA to do.

Pop TV was able to secure a great deal to their benefit. TNA gets nothing out of Pop TV unless they produce something. Pop TV, meanwhile, gets content and a potential share of the ad money that TNA brings in. Regardless, content is king for a network of any kind and TNA will bring that if nothing else to the network. This could be a partnership that lasts for some time simply because Pop TV is not having to fork over money upfront to keep TNA on the air.

TNA wants to make a big splash on their Pop TV debut this January, and as a result, they are trying to bring in major workers to help drive up views. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, TNA has gone after Goldberg for a potential return to the squared circle to wrestle. The issue for some time with him has been his price.

However, according to The Wrestling Observer, TNA is going after talent from various companies. They may be able to go after those with expiring deals at places like Ring of Honor, New Japan, and even WWE. It is worth noting that ROH talent is at the top of the list, as fans know them well enough and those who might watch TNA are already connected to the promotion simply due to the majority of TNA’s audience being hardcore wrestling fans. On top of this, the talent they would bring in would be younger and could help with the future of Impact Wrestling.

The idea some fans had was that TNA would not sign many to exclusive deals, which would allow some of the talent to work with promotions outside of TNA. This has not settled well with many fans, but TNA is big on the idea of having people on exclusive deals. The issue before with this was that talent was paid late, as well as lower than what they would make on the independent scene where they are paid the day they perform. At one point, Matt Hardy cashed around five checks that were delayed payments. He posted them online to show that TNA does pay talent, but due to the fact that he just got them to cash, it accidentally showed another problem.

This is why some deals will end up being refused by talent, as they have the clout to do so. TNA is going after everyone in an aggressive fashion, which is an issue for prospective companies that might want to bring them in.

TNA looking for talent (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
TNA was willing to pay Alberto Del Rio, as well as Dolph Ziggler, a big sum to come in. At one point, they offered Del Rio around $300,000 a year and an instant TNA World Title run. Of course, both decided to go with WWE on their next deal.

TNA has always attempted to go after top tier talent, but this time around they need it more than ever. Remember, there is really no safety net for them at Pop TV. They need big views to succeed.

TNA has attempted to bring in talent various ways. At one point, they were using outside programming as a way to lure talent into signing with them. However, do keep in mind that TNA used this tactic when they first arrived to Destination America, but when TNA failed to get the views they needed, this did not work in their favor.

Clearly TNA has time to bring in surprise debuts, but who can they manage to bring in or potentially bring back that would make such an “impact?”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]