Angela Ramey Makes Half-Court Shot, Wins Tuition For Daughter

In a new viral video, a Minnesota mother by the name of Angela Ramey can be seen shooting a half-court shot to win her daughter’s $4,000 tuition.

On December 4, 9-year-old Grace Ramey won the chance to win a free tuition to Bethany Academy, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. As part of the school’s fundraiser, Grace was awarded three half-court shots after she raised $1,200 for Kids Against Hunger, with the help of her mother. Grace raised more money than any other kid at the school.

Grace attempted the shot, but sadly came up short. Angela then tossed the ball, but again, missed. Luckily, the pair had a third shot. Knowing she wasn’t very good at playing basketball, Grace turned to her mother for assistance. For the final shot, Angela bent down for a “granny-style” shot. While the ball initially came up short of the basket, as Ramey was turning away, the ball took a final bounce and swooshed through the net, resulting in the entire gymnasium erupting in a roar of cheers. In the video, which was shared by Bethany Academy and has now been viewed more than 400,000 times, Angela and Grace can be seen jumping up and down and screaming hysterically.

“The unbelieveable half-court alley-oop shot and Angela’s shocked reaction when she realizes the ball went in the basket! Thanks Alex Matheson (videographer and BA dad) for capturing Angela Ramey and Grace last Friday, deciding who’s going to take the shot to try to score half-off tuition next year,” the school wrote in the Facebook post. “Angela throws the basketball granny style with her eyes closed, then screams in disbelief when the cheering students and staff convince her she scored. She’s jumping amid 41,040 meals packed by 235 students during Friday’s ‘Bethany Loves Bloomington’ meal packing event Friday, a service project undertaken to help feed the hungry in Bloomington and the surrounding communities.”