Kylie Jenner Proves She’s Not Just An Average Teen While Another Tyga Rumor Rocks Their Relationship

Kylie Jenner has quickly shot to the top of the Kardashian-Jenner totem pole, as the 18-year-old has taken over the crown from older sister Kim Kardashian as the most popular reality TV star. Jenner has certainly made a name for herself this past year not only for her rocky romance with rapper Tyga and for her antics on her family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but due to her ability to use her fame and popularity to reach her millions of followers on a daily basis.

Kylie achieves this by way of what she loves most: makeup, fashion, and beauty regimens. The teen has clearly been given the life of the luxurious from birth and therefore has anything she needs at her disposal for arriving at her look of the moment and has used her access to any fashion and beauty products she needs as well as her fan base to drum up a fun online business. Jenner posts beauty tutorials on the daily and also launched a clever app that assists the everyday teen in finding Kylie’s fashion looks on a budget. The teen has made it her mission to keep things personal with her fans so that her fans feel a sense connection on a different level. Because of these moves by Kylie, the teen has ousted Kim for the top spot when it comes to popularity.

Jenner has been entirely open about making it known that she’s not your average teen. The star posts pictures to Instagram that highlight her lavish lifestyle. Most recently, Kylie added a picture of herself and her bodyguard while she was being escorted to her luxury car that awaited her. The caption underlying the photo was none other than “Life.”

Along with this obvious great side to being so famous and well off comes the negative, which is also evident in the Instagram picture — that being the paparazzi’s constant presence. The Mirror notes the circumstance this ultra-famous teen faces every day.

“The Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty, who is nothing like your average 18-year-old, driving around in flash cars and living in her own mansion, has posted a pic of the bad side of fame – the paparazzi following her every move.”

In addition to Kylie’s large following due to her smart moves taken via social media and online influence, the star has gained followers because of the constant drama of her romance with rapper Tyga and the reality star’s apparent list of plastic surgery procedures she’s had over the past year. Recently, Kylie once again made headlines when medical professionals claimed that Jenner has undergone more plastic surgeries since the teen admitted to getting temporary fillers earlier this year. Many believe that Kylie has taken the shifting of appearance too far. The Mirror notes the opinions of the U.S. dermatologist who is insisting the star has gone too far.

“New York City-based Dr. Tabasum Mir claims that while the teenager has only admitted to having temporary fillers, she believes she could well have had more work down including surgery on her bottom and hips to achieve her curvy figure. Citing Kylie as the ‘number one’ example of someone having gone too far with cosmetic procedures, she said during an interview with talk show host Rob Shuter ‘Kylie is really young though, and there is a lot that I think she has had done at such a young age – fillers, Botox, peels.’”

Lastly, the teen and her boyfriend, Tyga, keep making it to the headlines because of his reported infidelity and apparent texting of underaged females, as Hollywood Life reports. This is not hard to believe, seeing as Tyga and Kylie started dating when she was merely 16-year-old and the rapper was in his mid-20s.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]