Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Sex Scene With Chris Pratt, Calls Herself A ‘Predator’

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is definitely enjoying the limelight – two of her films are now showing in cinemas, and she just finished filming a sex scene with Chris Pratt for the sci-fi film Passengers.

During her appearance on Late Night to promote her new film Joy, talk show host Seth Meyers asked J-Law about her first sex scene, and as the host puts it, she got the jackpot because she did it with the Jurassic World actor.

Lawrence, 25, described how difficult it was to make the sex scene, although Pratt was “the sweetest,” “the best,” and made it easier for both of them.

“I was so nervous,” the X-Men: Apocalypse actress said. “With sex scenes, you don’t know what to do. Is it enough? Your worst nightmare: Is it too much? You don’t know what to do.”

Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Meyers Laugh About Her Sex Scene Preparations for ‘Passengers’

Meyers also asked her what she did to prepare for the scene, after which she admitted to attending a single yoga class ad drinking a bottle of whiskey.

However, the Hunger Games actress said that she had a bottle of whiskey to make her “forget” that she’s actually at work and filming. By the time the scene ended, she was drunk and exhausted at the same time.

The Late Night show host also asked her if Jennifer and Chris talked about the sex scene so they could prepare for it, but she said that was just too uncomfortable for the two of them.

Lawrence then acted out a funny scenario that showed how she would have discussed the details of her sex scene with Pratt.

“You don’t talk about it all, and that makes it so much more uncomfortable,” the Oscar-winning actress said.

When Meyers asked whether she got a note or warning from the crew that the sex scene was too much, she simply said she didn’t know.

On Monday night at Stephen Colbert’s show, Lawrence also mentioned that, at that time, she was freaking out because Pratt is a married man. And because of that, she thought she should be more careful when filming the sex scene.

It seems Lawrence has respect for men who are in relationships and tries her best to keep away from them.

A couple of years back, J-Law reportedly had a huge crush on Meyers, whom she met while she was preparing to host Saturday Night Live.

Lawrence confessed to Meyers a year ago that she had wanted the former “Weekend Update” anchor to ask her out on a date during that week.

“I had a really big crush on you and so I had this whole plan, all week I was like, ‘He’s going to ask me out, he’s totally going to ask me out,’” she said.

However, as the week progressed, she thought that she would have to make the first move instead.

Fortunately, when Lawrence shared her plan with the wardrobe lady, she said that Meyers is already engaged to his fiancé, Alexi Ashe. The two are already married, and they recently announced that Ashe is pregnant with their first child.

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Old Crush on Seth Meyers on ‘Late Night’

Aside from keeping herself “very, very drunk” to prepare for scenes, Lawrence has also been sick lately as mentioned by an insider.

Before the premiere of her latest film, Joy, where she stars with Bradley Cooper, J-Law was reportedly “ill and vomiting.”

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Reunite with Bradley Cooper in ‘Joy’

She also admitted on Monday’s show that she is a workaholic who doesn’t stop working unless her body “forces” her by vomiting and passing out. The Silver Linings Playbook star said that, even after she contracted a stomach virus, she kept on working.

Fortunately, an insider told media outlets on Monday that Jennifer Lawrence is feeling better.

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