Kang Doo Ri Suicide: K-Drama Actress Reportedly Found Dead In Home, Not Killed In Car Crash

Kang Doo Ri committed suicide, police said, after reports initially claimed that the actress was found dead in a one-car accident this week.

The AfreecaTV broadcast star was found dead on December 14 in what was first reported to be a car accident. Though there were not many details at the time of the crash, a few days later investigators revealed that the 22-year-old had taken her own life, and that her death may have taken place inside her home.

As a report from AllKPop noted, the initial reports of a car accident turned out to be wrong, and the actress instead took her life inside her own home.

On December 14, it was revealed that the 22-year-old actress had died in a car accident, but it seems that police reports say she was found deceased in her home. There was no evidence of a struggle or invasion, so police are reporting that it was likely a suicide.

Kang Doo Ri’s wake was held at the Incheon St. Mary Hospital, and her funeral procession took place on Tuesday, Soompi reported.

More details emerged on Wednesday, including the manner in which Kang Doo Ri may have committed suicide. Police said they found coal briquettes as part of the evidence. It is not clear if they were present inside a car or used at some other place inside the actress’s home. When burned in a confined space, these briquettes can release deadly carbon monoxide that suffocates those in close proximity.

Police also learned that the actress had sent a message to a friend saying that she planned to commit suicide, the Malay Mail Online reported.

Just a few days before taking her life, Kang Doo Ri had posted a message referencing some difficulties in her personal and work life.

“I’m having a hard time these days because I’m experiencing a lot of bad personal problems. It was getting better after finishing the drama and doing broadcasts. But the situation became bad and didn’t go as planned so I couldn’t do anything. I’m really sorry and I apologize. However, I am thinking of getting ready to return to everyone after becoming calm. So I’m trying to stand up once again. See you next week.”

The actress appeared more recently in Sassy Sassy Go. She made her debut in the 2010 movie Three Brothers and also appeared in the movie Touch and the drama series Cheer Up!

Sassy Sassy Go had just filmed its last installment. The drama, which followed a group of high school students, came to an end earlier this year and many cast members said it was difficult saying goodbye.

“Even though it was a tough schedule, I had fun playing a high school student for the first time in a while,” said Jung Eun Ji, who played female lead Kang Yeon Doo. “Thank you for giving Kang Yeon Doo lots of love. I learned a lot and will work harder to become a better actress.”

After news of Kang Doo Ri’s death spread, many fans took to the internet to express condolences and shock at her passing. The hashtag #RIPKangDooRi was also trending as many people shared their thoughts on the young actress.

Police have not released more details on the suicide death of Kang Doo Ri, including confirmation of the manner in which she took her life.

[Image via Twitter/The Malay Mail Online]