Yolanda Foster Chose To Do ‘RHOBH’ To Help Bella And Gigi With Their Careers

Yolanda Foster has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a while now, but news is just now coming out that one reason she joined the show was to help promote her daughters. E! Online shared the news that Yolanda thought this would be a good reason to do the show, and obviously it did work for her. At the young ages of 19 and 20, Bella and Gig are known by almost everyone, so Yolanda made the right decision that this is what she wanted to do. These two are doing great as models, but having Yolanda as a mom, who is on a reality show, has helped them out, of course.

Foster is now battling with Lyme disease, and everyone is wondering why she continues to do RHOBH when she is so sick. Bella and Gigi are doing great in their careers, and if this was the main reason she was on the show, then she could quit now and move on. The source shared that Yolanda Foster now has another reason to keep doing the show though, and it is to promote something else. The source revealed, “Now, one of the reasons she remains on the show is to help shine a light on her disease.” Yolanda wants to do all that she can to help find a cure for this disease.

The source went on to reveal that this disease, of course, has been hard on Yolanda Foster. It is even part of what made her marriage with David Foster fall apart.

“No one doubts that Yolanda is sick. It’s very clear that she’s legitimately not been well. But, David is someone who travels constantly and Yolanda became ill just one year into the marriage. It was a lot.”

According to the source, David Foster thinks he just might not be made out for marriage anyway. There were also some other problems with their marriage.

“David has daughters of his own and there were issues with the families blending. Bringing two sets of children together wasn’t always easy. At one point, Yolanda was close to David’s daughters, but things have changed.”

Entertainment Tonight shared that Yolanda Foster is moving on now since her split from David. Yolanda has moved into a new home and isn’t living in David Foster’s condo anymore. After the split, she stayed at his home for a bit. Yolanda has been able to lean on her friends a lot lately, and even her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, has been helping her through this hard time. Rumors are flying that Yolanda and Mohamed are back together, but that doesn’t seem to be true.

“They’re not hooking up. They’ve been great friends ever since their divorce and she’s always welcome at his home. If she’s in town and he’s having a family get-together or party she will always show up. She’s friendly with his fiancé, Shiva. There’s no tension between them. He is crazy about Shiva.”

Yolanda Foster is finding a way to do things on her own, but she does have some help. This season on RHOBH, Yolanda is only part-time due to how things are going with her Lyme disease. Now that she is going to have to come up with her own money to pay the bills, Yolanda might decide that she should get back on the show full-time so she can have a bigger income from it.

Are you surprised to hear that Yolanda Foster joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to help promote her daughters? Do you think that this was the right decision for Yolanda? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]