Chanin Starbuck, Clay Starbuck: Deer Park Murder Of Mother Found Dead In Bed Focus Of ID's 'Your Worst Nightmare'

Chanin Starbuck, the beautiful, blonde Deer Park, Washington, mother who was murdered by her ex-husband, Clay Starbuck, will be the next compelling story to air on Your Worst Nightmare, a true-crime documentary show that airs every week on Investigation Discovery (ID). In tonight's episode, entitled "Psycho For Love," police investigators will reveal the chilling account of how Chanin Starbuck died, and how they finally brought her killer to justice.


On Your Worst Nightmare, ID addicts will see just how 42-year old Chanin Starbuck's body was discovered in December, 2011, in a home that she shared with her children. According to the Spokesman's review, on a cold winter's day, Chanin had failed to pick her child up from school, and her family was frantic with worry when they didn't hear from her later that night. Chanin's mother, who lived in another state, insisted that police enter the residence to see what happened to her missing daughter.

When police entered the home in Deer Park, they found Chanin Starbuck dead in her bed. Investigators noted that she was wearing a flannel house coat that was unbuttoned and pulled open to expose her breasts, and bruising was apparent on her face, arm, and neck. But, it was worse. Chanin had been posed in her bed in a provocative position and an instrument had been inserted inside of her vagina. On top of her abdomen rested a massager. Her cell phone was also found by the bed, according to a police document that outlined the findings. To police, the crime looked sexual in nature, or it was staged to make her look like a loose woman. It also appeared that Chanin Starbuck definitely knew the person who killed her. The medical examiners concluded that the mother had been beaten and strangled before she died.

Recently divorced, Chanin Starbuck had tried to get on with her life. The marriage with Clay Starbuck hadn't worked out the way she had planned, and they had tried several times to work out their problems. Clay was possessive and no longer represented what she wanted out of men. At her age, she was still stunning. When she walked into a room, she didn't just shine, she glowed. She loved her children, dearly, but as a single mother, she needed to have physical intimacy with someone. She thought that by finding someone online, she could finally fulfill her dreams of having a man who was tall, dark, handsome, and highly intelligent.


Sadly, Chanin Starbuck had no idea that her online romances would cause her husband's anger to flare so far out of control that he would come to her home and kill her. At first, it appeared that the crime could have been committed by one of her online lovers---someone who had arrived at her home during the day for a sex romp. But, DNA evidence confirmed, without a shadow of a doubt, that Clay Starbuck lured his ex-wife out of the home, feigning car trouble, so she would take the kids to school. While she was away, he waited for her at the house and then savagely attacked her because he was enraged that she was dating other men online.


For his deliberate crime, 47-year old Clay Starbuck was found guilty in the death of his wife and sentenced to life in prison. In an interview with Dateline NBC, he insisted that he had nothing to do with her death. Losing Chanin has been hard for her mother, Melanie Bourcier, and her brother, Steve Conway. In an interview with KURL News-8, Conway talked about when police first told him that his sister was dead.

"Hell does not even begin to explain what our family has been through. When the deputy came to my door to say my sister was found dead in her own home, I had to go tell my mother, sister, father, that my sister was dead. That was the worst day of my life. And we all knew who did it."
Steve Conway wanted custody of the children, but found that they didn't want to leave the state or their other siblings. They were raised by their oldest brother. To see the case dramatized, watch Your Worst Nightmare tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery (ID).
[Image via Tribute Chanin Conway Starbuck/Facebook]