Harry Styles Seated For 10 Hours Beside Fan On Plane As She Takes 12 Snapshots Of Herself With 1D ‘Lothario’

Harry Styles unexpectedly spent 10 hours of December 7, 2015, seated next to die-hard fan Alex Lomas on a plane from Los Angeles to Manchester. Returning from the Kiss F.M. Jingle Ball at the Staples Center in Los Angeles the previous Friday, the One Direction band member plunked himself down next to Lomas to her utter shock, and she caught his attention by scrolling through his Facebook page for a conversation opener with him.

According to Manchester Evening News, Lomas was slightly embarrassed when Harry first took his seat. As Styles found his spot beside her, Manchester-resident Lomas was checking out photos of him on Instagram and was preoccupied with the accompanying text.

She detailed the unexpected Harry Styles encounter on Twitter, in an apparent act of generosity toward other One Direction fans who could not be there to savor the moment. Using the handle of alexstylesxxx, she posted the following.

“When I first saw him I was reading a fanfic about him and scrolling down insta looking at him.”

In a Metro report, Lomas managed to record for posterity every fine detail of the plane ride with Harry. She recalled him being exceptionally nice, but so completely bushed, Styles was mostly asleep on the flight from Los Angeles, though they managed a full conversation, accompanied by snapshots at Manchester Airport.

She posted 12 slight variations of herself posing with Harry as they conversed on the plane at the airport. It turned out that Styles was on his way home to Cheshire for Christmas after his California stint.

One Direction
One Direction headed for Christmas hiatus [Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]
This innocent interlude involving a regular fan is a welcome relief to many online who have been tracking Harry’s behavior as the One Direction Lothario. The parade of female celebrities attaching themselves to Styles has reportedly become “monotonous” in its regularity.

Harry Styles, 21, boasts a romantic past with The X Factor presenter Caroline Flack, 36, going back to the period of November, 2011, to January, 2012, when they were both criticized over their 14-year age gap. He also shares a bit of history with singer Taylor Swift, 26, from their time together October, 2012, to January, 2013. Way back was his fling with radio disc jockey Lucy Horobin in 2011, who was 15 years his senior.

According to Hollywood Life, Victoria’s Secret Angel Nadine Leopold, 21, started dating Harry in early 2015, but ended their relationship in March, 2015. There was the matter of trust issues, which included Taylor Swift’s supposed tribute to Styles in her new video, “Style”.

Next in line for Harry is another Victoria’s Secret model, New Zealander Georgia Fowler, 22, who shared online her intimate game of Scrabble with him in his dressing gown on October 14.

Styles’ plane co-passenger Alex Lomas posted on Instagram that he was “asleep for ages and he looked bloody adorable.” Watching her prince in slumber, she tweeted the following.

“To all who are asking no I never took a pic of him sleeping. It’s just rude and disrespectful!!”

With the romantic entanglements he’s had to face, it appears Harry needs all the rest he can get.

Alex Lomas and Harry Styles
Alex Lomas and Harry Styles next to each other on plane [Photo by @alexstylesxxx/Instagram]
Another of Lomas’ tweets suggests such being the case for Styles.

Lomas has spurred thousands of One Direction fans to follow her on Twitter. The trend is for them to create their own fantasy around her flight, which has made history. Popular fan sentiment about the whole Harry Styles episode has been expressed in many ways, such as the following example, which Alex retweeted.

[Image via @alexstylesxxx/Instagram]

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