‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Faces Big Trouble For Confronting Ivy, Sasha Makes An Impression On Zende

Viewers are quite curious to see what is coming up on Wednesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. As everyone saw in Tuesday’s episode, Steffy went to the beach house to try to convince Ivy to tear up the restraining order. Unfortunately for Steffy, Ivy tripped as she went to grab the phone, and she ended up unconscious on the floor. Where are things headed in the December 16 episode?

While a knock like this could be dire for Ivy considering all she’s just gone through, it would seem she will recover from the fall fairly quickly. However, Lieutenant Baker is brought into the mix of things, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that he has quite a few questions for Steffy.

It sounds as if Steffy will end up leaving Ivy’s, but Baker tracks Steffy down later and asks both Steffy and Liam a number of questions. Obviously, Steffy knew she was breaking the restraining order by visiting Ivy, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Baker will end up arresting her. Viewers will be quite curious to see Liam’s reaction when he catches wind of this latest confrontation between his fiancee and ex-wife.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews tease that before Baker catches up to this latest incident, there will be more conversation between Liam and Wyatt. As fans saw on Tuesday’s episode, Liam was pleading with Wyatt to intervene with Ivy and persuade her to drop the restraining order. While Wyatt was seemingly open to hearing what Liam had to say, he was emphatic that Ivy was sincerely scared of Steffy and the order was justified.

Obviously, with this new confrontation, Wyatt will have all the more cause for feeling protective toward Ivy. Liam has talked with Steffy again and again about her decision-making, and teasers from Soap Central indicate that this latest confrontation may lead to new issues for the couple. Liam is said to take issue with Steffy’s behavior, and the buzz has been that this engagement may not last much longer.

There is more on the way with Sasha during Wednesday’s episode as well. Nicole’s friend has swirled into town, and she is ready to make her mark. Zende walked in on her in a state of undress during Tuesday’s show, and there will be some interesting moments ahead. Viewers can probably see the writing on the wall with this storyline since Sasha’s arrival in town will surely cause some complications for Zende and Nicole’s relationship.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Liam will try to smooth things over between Steffy and Ivy, and he’ll connect with Ivy on his own during Friday’s show. He may be trying to support Steffy this week after the latest drama, but it sounds as if it ultimately may take enough of a toll on him that he ends the engagement.

This week will also bring more drama with Ridge and Caroline getting further involved in the Steffy, Ivy, and Thomas mess. Nicole and Zende’s relationship will hit another rough spot, and Sasha’s presence will definitely be shaking things up with the Avants. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that there is plenty more drama on the way, and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]