Lady Gaga And ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Planning A Surprise Wedding?

This year has been very good for Lady Gaga. From landing a part in the hit show American Horror Story to receiving a nomination for a Golden Globe, it would appear as the year couldn’t get any better for the award-winning singer. Now, it looks as though Gaga might top off her success by exchanging vows with Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney.

Kinney recently sat down with Wet Paint and discussed how the wedding plans with Gaga were coming along, revealing that fans might be in for a little surprise.

“The wedding plans are going great. I think we’ll just surprise everyone though,” Kinney stated, indicating that a wedding was in the works for the summer of 2016.

Exactly what this surprise might entail was not revealed by Kinney. Given Gaga’s flair for being extravagant and shocking, their wedding is sure to feature some interesting twists on the revered ceremony.

Lady Gaga on 'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Image via FX]
Lady Gaga on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ [Image via FX]

Kinney’s comments come on the heels of the surprising announcement that Gaga had won a nomination for a Golden Globe for her part on American Horror Story: Hotel. In speaking with TooFab, Kinney explained how he was very excited about his finance’s Golden Globe nomination, especially given all of the hard work she put into the part.

“I was in a van on my way to work and I heard about it and I almost jumped out of my seat,” Kinney explained to the outlet. “I’m really proud of her and really excited. I think it’s amazing. She’s been killing it, she’s done a great job on that show!”

Gaga played the part of the manager of the hotel, The Countess, in the hit horror drama. While Kinney was clearly very proud of Gaga’s nomination, he also shared that he couldn’t take all of the credit for helping Gaga along. In fact, Kinney revealed that two of his fellow Chicago Fire co-stars, Eamonn Walker and Monica Raymund, also played a part in practicing lines with Gaga.

Meanwhile, Kinney has been busy promoting his upcoming horror film, The Forest. Kinney stars alongside Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer in the movie, which is set in the eery Aokigahara Forest in Japan. In the film, Kinney’s character travels with Dormer’s as she tries to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her twin sister.

While promoting The Forest in an interview with Extra TV, Kinney revealed a little more about what happens between him and Gaga in the kitchen. Apparently, Kinney takes a hands-off approach whenever Gaga is around.

“I let her take care of that. You never really know what you’re getting, but you call it ‘Italian’ and it will be good,” he said. “Yeah, she’s a tornado in the kitchen.”

Taylor Kinney on 'Chicago Fire' [Image via NBC]
Taylor Kinney on ‘Chicago Fire’ [Image via NBC]

Although Kinney shared that it was a little awkward at times watching Gaga perform some of the more revealing sex scenes in Hotel, he did share that Gaga is excited to watch his newest horror movie.

“She loves Dateline, 48 Hours, Snapped, you know the crime and murder mystery shows. So this is right up her alley, she’s really excited to see it,” he stated in the interview.

Fans can watch Kinney in The Forest when it opens in theaters January 8, 2016. Right around the same time, Gaga will join her fellow Hollywood stars as she attempts to snag her first ever Golden Globe for her part in American Horror Story: Hotel.

Until then, fans will have to wait to learn more about Gaga and Kinney’s surprising wedding and all that it entails. Hopefully, more details will soon surface as Gaga continues forward with her extraordinary year.

Tell us! Do you think Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney will shock us all by pulling off a surprise wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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