Safaree Samuels Speaks Out About Nicki Minaj Ghostwriting Claims: ‘I’m Going After What’s Mine’

Safaree “Stuntman” Samuels may be busy promoting the release of his new mixtape, It Is What It Is Vol. 2, but it looks like the Jamaican rapper is also taking some time to speak out about those rumors suggesting he’s planning on filing a lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj for unpaid writing credits on her previous albums.

Last month, sources close to Safaree revealed to TMZ that Samuels is planning on filing a lawsuit against Minaj for unpaid royalties stemming from Nicki’s three most successful albums, including The Pinkprint, Pink Friday, and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, in addition to Minaj’s collaborations with Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne for “Only,” and collaboration with Beyoncé for “Feeling Myself” and “Flawless (Remix).”

Samuels’ sources allege that Safaree is prepared to present “a boatload of proof” that he was heavily involved in the process of creating Nicki Minaj’s music, which include a plethora of videos of himself working alongside Nicki in the studio, voice memos from recording sessions, and witnesses who are prepared to validate his contribution to Minaj’s music.

While Nicki Minaj previously gave Safaree executive producer credit for his work on her first two albums, Safaree is now claiming that Minaj is refusing to acknowledge his contributions on her most recent works.

In an interview with This Is 50, Safaree speaks out against rumors that suggest he’s only filing a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj because he’s “running out of money,” telling the site that he’s merely “going after what’s mine.”

“When it comes down to it at the end of the day, what’s fair is fair. You can’t do something and put it on that type of scale,” Safaree explains.

“I helped, and I have nothing to do with it? No, it doesn’t work like that. I just gotta go after what’s mine.”

When asked if he felt that Nicki Minaj was purposely trying to cut him out of receiving writing credits on her albums, Safaree admits, “Oh, there was no trying. I didn’t get no writing credit on anything,” before seemingly dissing Nicki with, “Just handle that and that’s it, I don’t want nothing else.”

Furthermore, when asked to clarify how many records that Safaree felt he “touched on” in regard to Nicki Minaj’s music, Safaree admits, “Anything that has to do with rap.”

“Unless it’s like some sing-y, girly s*** or whatever, then other people … whatever, but, anything that’s bars and all of that s***, when it comes to the rap s***, that’s what I do, you know what I’m saying?” Safaree explains.

Later in the interview, Safaree reflects on the feud that occurred between Nicki Minaj’s labelmate, Drake, and current boyfriend, Meek Mill, telling the site that Drake’s “Back To Back” diss track aimed at Meek Mill is “incredible.”

“The beat, everything about it … that was the most impactful record of the year,” Safaree explains of Drake’s record.

When asked if he would like to collaborate with Drake on a future record, Safaree admits, “I’m definitely open to it, but I don’t think that would happen, just on his account.”

“[Drake’s] neutral just as far as his issue is just straight on who it’s with,” Safaree explains of Drake and Meek Mill’s feud. “No matter what, he’s not gonna be saying nothing about [Nicki], that’s why in the record he didn’t say nothing about her,” Samuels concludes.

While Nicki Minaj has yet to respond directly to Safaree’s ghostwriting claims and “imminent” lawsuit, Minaj previously shot down Safaree’s accusations during her The Pinkprint tour, when she told a crowd of concertgoers that Safaree doesn’t “have the heart, or the mindframe, or the motherf****** intellect” to write her raps, E! Online previously reported.

What do you think of Safaree Samuels’ comments about serving as Nicki Minaj’s ghostwriter?

[Photos by Noam Galai, Larry Busacca/Getty Images]