WWE Rumors: Popular Superstar About To Make A Major Heel Turn

TLC brought about very few changes to the title picture and other such things, but there were a few feuds that came to an end. One program that appears to be continuing is that of Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens still fighting over the Intercontinental Title. Well, one slight variable is being added to the mix, and it looks like it is bringing a heel turn in Dolph Ziggler.

It was kind of expected that Owens and Ambrose would continue their feud after the title changed hands. Owens wants a rematch for his title, and it's likely that he will get one, but it is interesting that WWE added a little twist into the mix.

As recapped by WWE.com, Ambrose took on Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title in a match on Raw that ended in a disqualification. Owens purposely took out Ziggler so as to make Ambrose lose the match, and it led to the new champion losing his first title defense even though the title didn't change hands.

dolph ziggler ambrose owens
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After Monday Night Raw, some thought that Ambrose and Owens would continue their feud, and Ziggler was just a casualty of war.

Last night, WWE taped SmackDown for this week, and Ziggler was given a match against Owens this time. The match ended again in a disqualification with a win for Ziggler as Owens did lose, but it was a bit different per WrestleZone.

Owens and Ziggler spilled to the floor during the match, and this was when the DQ happened. Owens attempted to powerbomb Ziggler onto the steel steps, and that was when Ambrose came out to help and started beating down the former champ.

Dean Ambrose Ziggler heel turn
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This is where things took a bit of a different turn from Monday night.

Owens ended up escaping from the attack of Ambrose and started walking away from the whole fray. Ziggler was being helped up and to the back by some referees, and Owens ran up and superkicked him down.

Dean Ambrose chased Owens back up to the top of the stage and stared him down before going back to check on Ziggler. At this point, Ziggler took it upon himself to superkick Ambrose and knocked him out before falling back down to the ground.

Owens looked on shocked at first but then started laughing at both of them down on the ground as the taping ended.

It seems as if WWE is going with a program for the Intercontinental Title that will now involve all three superstars and not just Ambrose and Owens. That's fine, but it does seem as if Ziggler is heading toward a full-on heel turn.

Dolph Ziggler has kind of been in limbo since the whole Lana/Summer Rae/Tyler Breeze/Rusev storyline ended so abruptly. Now, he's being thrown into the IC title hunt, and that's a good thing, but he does need a jump-start.

kevin owens dolph ziggler heel turn
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While Ziggler probably does have issues with Owens, it's odd that he attacked Ambrose. Owens is the one who has now punked out Ziggler twice this week, and Ambrose actually tried to help "The Showoff," but it didn't seem that way by his reaction.

This all could be building up to a triple threat for the Intercontinental Title at Royal Rumble, but a personality change in Ziggler looks to be happening already.

The Intercontinental Title getting a lot of attention is a good thing as it brings about some of the prestige the belt had lost over the years. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose is a feud that's good enough on it's own, but adding Dolph Ziggler and a heel turn to the mix makes it even better.

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