Austin Mahone Teases New Music And A New Girlfriend?

Austin Mahone is opening up about his new music. The 19-year-old revealed what his fans can expect from his budding music career.

It appears that Mahone plans to release a lot of new music soon. But don’t expect it be his debut album just yet. In his exclusive interview with J-14 magazine on Tuesday, December 15, Mahone said that he’s releasing a mixtape with his friend, which will allow him to express himself and give his fans some new music, for free. A win-win for everyone.

“I don’t know if you know my friend Robert, but me and my friend Robert have been writing and producing the past 6 months and we’ve put together like a whole, I wouldn’t say it’s like a mix-tape, but it’s not an album either. I’m actually titling it This Is Not the Album so people don’t get it twisted, but it’s just like a product of songs I’ve worked by myself with him in our studio at home. I’m just gonna put that out for free for the fans to enjoy while I figure out what I’m gonna do for the real album.”

Austin also revealed the news of his upcoming mixtape to his fans on Twitter. He even revealed the cover art, which features the singer sitting on top of the planet Earth with his MacBook and keyboard. Austin is obviously just as frustrated as his fans are about the delay of his debut album, so he thought he decided to do something nice for them. He took to his Facebook page to talk about his new project.

“Because I don’t know when the album will be out so this is a collection of songs that were made by myself and with the help of some good friends to hold you guys over until it does. So in the meantime I’ll be working on my 1st debut album because #THISISNOTTHEALBUM”

Austin Mahone may have also teased that he has a new girlfriend. He’s been reportedly spotted with a girl in public who appears to be Jake Miller’s BFF, according to a report via Realty Today. The “Dirrty Work” singer was photographed with a girl named Amanda Gonz on his Instagram page.

Mahone captioned the pic: “She wasn’t readyyyy @amandagonz.” Gonz then posted a similar pic on her Instagram, along with the caption: “That moment when you realize you needa swerve @austinmahone @robertrene #iwasntreadyyyy.”

His fans were freaking out, wondering what happened with Becky G. But the two could just be friends. After all, they’re in the same group of friends, as seen on his Instagram page.

Meanwhile, both of Austin’s exes have been opening up about their relationship with the singer. Earlier this month, Becky G revealed to Time that she loved the idea of having a cute boyfriend, but nowadays, she doesn’t have the time for that.

Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello recently opened up to Teen Vogue about her heart-breaking split from Austin Mahone. It made her realize that she doesn’t want to be in another high-profile relationship with another celebrity again. Cabello added that her relationship with Mahone didn’t feel like their relationship, “it felt like everybody else’s.”

As for Austin Mahone, it looks like he’s just focused on making new music. He just revealed to Paper that 2016 will be a good year for him. Not only does he have plans to release the free project for his fans, but he will also release his debut full length album. Austin also wants to makes time for touring for the first time. Are you excited to hear the news of his new music? Also, do you think he’s dating Amanda Gonz? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor]