Kathy Hilton Bans 'RHOBH' Kyle Richards From Family Party? Will Kim Richards Attend?

Kathy Hilton's family feud with Kyle Richards has allegedly taken a turn for the worse, with Kathy Hilton allegedly banning her sister from a recent holiday party.

On last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans watched as Kyle told Lisa Vanderpump that she had been advised against attending the wedding of Kathy Hilton's daughter, Nicky Hilton. Although Kyle didn't confirm that it was Kathy Hilton who had temporarily uninvited her from the event, Vanderpump said during a confessional that Kyle's relationship with her older half-sister hasn't always been the best.

Later in the episode, Kyle was seen chatting with Vanderpump again, claiming that after some discussion, she had been invited to the wedding once more, and would be attending with her youngest daughter, Portia, while her older daughters, including Alexia and Sophia, would be sitting out (During Kathy Hilton's daughter's wedding, Portia served as the flower girl).

While it wasn't discussed in depth, there have been many reports, claiming Kathy Hilton's husband, Rick, is at odds with Mauricio Umansky after Umansky allegedly stole clients from his business to start his own real estate company.

Days after the dramatic episode aired, Kathy Hilton reportedly chose to disinvite her sister from her upcoming Christmas party. Although it had previously been reported that the reality star bailed on the event, a new report claims it hasn't actually taken place.

"[Kathy Hilton] and her husband Rick's Beverly Hills Christmas parties are a huge annual event and Kyle wasn't invited this year," an insider revealed to Radar Online on December 15. "[Kathy Hilton] made the decision after watching the recent episode of [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] in which Kyle discusses being uninvited to Nicky's wedding. [Kathy Hilton] has been absolutely seeing red since that time because it was so absolutely out of bounds to bring Nicky into the ongoing fighting between the three sisters."

During the episode in question, Kathy Hilton's sister attempted to stop talking about the issue while being questioned by Vanderpump, but Vanderpump pressed on, despite her wishes. At one point, Kyle suggested she and Vanderpump discuss the issue at another time, but Vanderpump appeared to be fed up with Kathy Hilton's behavior and wanted to understand their situation a bit more.

According to the Radar Online source, Kathy Hilton's sister likes the attention she gets from the show.

"Before Kyle became famous on [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills], she would introduce herself to the media as Paris Hilton's aunt. This is a woman that has wanted to be famous for a very long time. There is absolutely no family loyalty for Kyle and she will do anything for press."
As for Kathy Hilton's other sister, Kim, she is expected to attend the Christmas party and is allegedly on edge with Kyle once again.

While Kathy Hilton and her sister clearly have a strained relationship, fans won't see the majority of their disputes on the show, as Kathy Hilton is not a full-time cast member. In fact, Kim is not a full-time cast member either, at least not anymore. As fans will recall, Kim was arrested earlier this year after relapsing on alcohol, and in turn, her role on the series was taken away. However, after going to rehab and getting sober months after her arrest, Kathy Hilton's sister was welcomed back to the show in a guest-starring role.

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