'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Chad Dumps Abby For Belle!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the shows ahead reveal some very interesting, and some may say odd, things to come. It seems that Chad and Abigail will run into a rough patch, and Andre DiMera will be to blame for it all.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans will actually see Chad DiMera dump Abigail Deveraux and set his sights on Belle Black-Brady! Why? Well, when the DiMeras are involved, there is always some wicked reason behind their madness.

The report reveals that Andre will devise a new plan to retrieve the DiMera fortune, which Sami Brady has stolen from them. When Chad asks Marlena to help him recover more of his lost memories by using hypnosis, Andre will hijack the session and basically brainwash his brother to break up with Abigail, who just went through the worst time in her life with her murderous fiance, Ben Weston, and start trying to get romantic with Belle Black, who is currently estranged from her husband, Shawn Brady.

Days of Our LIves: Andre brainwashes Chad to go after Belle, leave Abby.
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Andre thinks that Belle knows what Sami has done with the DiMera money, and he's right. Belle has about half of the fortune in an offshore account with her name on it thanks to her half-sister, and Chad will now be brainwashed to try and find it.

It should be very interesting to see how Days of Our Lives fans react to Chad going after Belle romantically. While Belle is a bit older than Chad, she does have some experience with dating a bad boy from a powerful family. Belle was once married to Philip Kiriakis, Victor's youngest son, and the couple are set to reunite in Salem this week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Days of Our Lives viewers will see sparks fly between Belle and Philip, and it seems Belle will find herself in a very odd position. She's still married to Shawn, who has gone back to Maine, at least for now, she's reconnecting with her ex-husband, Philip, and now Chad will be trying to woo her. Sounds like a classic Belle Black situation.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans won't have to worry about Chad and Abigail. They'll likely make their way back to one another once Chad figures out he's been brainwashed by his dastardly brother, Andre. The couple will have a happily ever after, at least for as long as couples stay together in Salem without drama or tragedy.

Days of Our LIves spoilers: Belle's life is turning upside down.
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As for Belle, she's still married to Shawn, who will be returning to Salem in 2016. Will the lovebirds make their way back to one another? Can Shawn forgive Belle for cheating on him yet again, or will Belle's romantic sights be set on ex-husband Philip after they've been apart for so long?

Either way, it should be extremely interesting to watch all of this romantic drama go down on Days of Our Lives. Now that Bo is dead, fans are seeing that Hope could end up with Rafe, and while Sami hasn't been shown in a few weeks, the idea that her soul mate, EJ DiMera, could possibly still be alive has excited fans who are hoping for an EJ and Sami reunion and possibly a return if actors Alison Sweeney and James Scott would ever consider coming back to the soap.

There is so much happening and so much to look forward to on Days of Our Lives. Fans won't want to miss a minute of the action. Be sure to tune in weekdays on NBC to see how it all goes down.

What are your thoughts on Chad dumping Abigail for Belle on Days of Our Lives?

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