Venus The Two-Faced Cat Charms Internet With Her Pretty Puss: Is She Really A Kitty Chimera?

Venus the two-faced cat has been described as the purrfect pet for Batman villain Two-Face, but Venus the cat is much better-looking than the coin-flipping villain. Her unusual face has made her an internet sensation, and Venus the two-faced cat's one-of-a-kind look has also sparked plenty of speculation -- no one knows for sure why the kitty has such a striking countenance.

As the the Independent reports, Venus the two-faced cat is a five-year-old feline that looks Photoshopped. Her face is black on one side and orange on the other, and the division of the colors on her face is marked by a line that's so straight that it looks unnatural. What makes Venus' face even more eye-catching is her eyes -- the eye on the orange side of her face is a beautiful shade of blue, while the eye on the black side of her face is a gorgeous green.

Some kitty critics think that the two-faced cat's owners dyed the black side of her face, but Venus' owners insist that she's no Kardashian -- the kitty doesn't use makeup, apps, or filters to drastically change her looks.

"0% Photoshopped, 100% Born This Way!" Venus' Facebook page reads.

Is Venus the Cat A Chimera
Venus the two-faced cat isn't Photoshopped -- the kitty could be a chimera (Image via Venus the Two Face Cat Facebook)

The two-faced cat's Facebook page has scored almost one million likes, but Venus wasn't always such a huge social media star star. The kitty from North Carolina was a stray cat who was discovered by her lucky humans, Christina and Chris, in 2009.

There's been some speculation that the two-faced cat is a kitty chimera. According to National Geographic, a chimera is the result of two embryos fusing together. If Venus was truly a chimera, her cells would contain two different types of DNA. However, it seems as though Venus' DNA hasn't been tested to prove this theory right or wrong.

According to a professor at the University of California who studies domestic cat genetics, the chimera theory can't explain Venus the two-faced cat's one blue eye. Professor Leslie Lyons told National Geographic that blue eyes are usually only seen in white cats or Siamese cats.

"She is a bit of a mystery," Lyons said while talking about Venus' unusual looks.

Lyons also suggested that the two-faced cat might not be a chimera at all -- it's possible that the drastically different fur colors on Venus' face are simply the result of a little genetic luck. Lyons speculated that "the black coloration was randomly activated in all the cells on one side of her face, while the orange coloration was activated on the other."

According to Venus the two-faced cat's Facebook page, her owners found her on a dairy farm in North Carolina. She was the runt of a litter of stray kittens, and her female human, Christina, fell in love with the little furball because she looked like a combination of two cats that she already owned.

Venus might not be as quite as famous as other feline stars like Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub, but she does have her own website, YouTube page, and Instagram account. According to Venus' Facebook page, the cat was actually named after a bunny that had a similar half-black, half-orange pattern on its face.

Venus Chimera Cat
Venus the two-faced cat is a social media star (Image via Venus the Two Face Cat Facebook)

In her most recent Facebook post, Venus the two-faced cat encourages everyone to embrace their differences. After all, a unique look can turn you into a big internet star.

"A little Wednesday wisdom....No matter how different you are, love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections!" Venus' Facebook post read. "We all have them. Be true to yourself and don't change for anyone! We're not all supposed to be the same. Our differences are what makes us unique which makes everyone one of a kind. Hold your head high, b the best at being yourself, give it all you got and you won't go wrong!"

So Venus the two-faced cat isn't just a pretty kitty -- she also has an amazing purrsonality.

[Image via Venus the Two Face Cat Facebook]