Kim Kardashian Having Another Baby Could Be Deadly

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just had their second child and it sounds like it may be the last. Kim gave birth to her son, Saint West, recently, and also has a little girl, North, at home. Hollywood Life shared that Kim is being told by doctors that a third pregnancy could end up being deadly for her, so it sounds like there is no reason to even try to do it. She had placenta accreta disorder while pregnant with North and Kim is lucky that this didn't happen all over again with Saint.

Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D., a Beverly Hills O.B.G.Y.N., explained the reasons Kim shouldn't have another child. He said," Kim is very fortunate that she did not suffer from placenta accreta with the birth of her second child Saint West." After that, he went on to reveal the details of what could happen to Kim Kardashian if she was to have another baby.

"The majority of women who experience placenta accreta with their first pregnancy, are at high risk for developing the [life-threatening] condition with subsequent births. In fact, the risk of getting placenta accreta increases with every pregnancy. Just because Kim didn't have placenta accreta with her second pregnancy, doesn't mean she wouldn't get it with her third pregnancy. The possibility is quite high."
Kim Kardashian had placenta accreta when she was pregnant with North and it means that her placenta was actually attached to her body. The doctor had to scrape it off. It can cause a lot of bleeding if Kim went into labor while the placenta was still attached. Dr. Lee also said that if Kim Kardashian was his patient, he would have advised her not to get pregnant again and to be happy with having two healthy children. Dr. Lee is not Kim's doctor, but it is quite possible her actual doctor has the same advice for the reality star.
TMZ has shared that Kim Kardashian's doctors have warned her that another pregnancy would not be a good thing. A source close to the family shared that Kim had a very painful birth with Saint and that Kim is also afraid of the complications happening once again. One source even shared that Kim and Kanye are okay with this decision and they are very happy with having just Saint and North. Their two children are keeping them very busy and just might be enough for these two celebrity parents.

Kim Kardashian had a hard time when she gave birth to Saint, but sources say that he is a great baby and is sleeping through the night. Saint is also allegedly barely crying and eating well, too. It looks like Kim and Kanye got very lucky with this little boy.

Viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians know that it was hard for Kim Kardashian to get pregnant this second time around. It would be something else that she would have to deal with if she decided to try to have another baby in the future. Kim and Kanye have been able to have a son and a daughter together, and are seemingly grateful to have them both. Trying for another baby just might not be worth the risk for them.

Do you think that Kim Kardashian should decide not to try to have another child just to be safe? Would it be best for the couple to just be happy with the two healthy children that they have now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sundays on E!.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for InStyle]