Anthony Davis Trademarks His Unibrow

The soon-to-be overall number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft is making sure that he stakes claim on any branding that might bring in some profit by trademarking his unibrow and any merchandise sold in connection with it, reports CNBC.

“I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it,” Davis told CNBC.

“Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique.”

Davis, who is known for his unmistakable and dominating unibrow, has already trademarked the phrases “Fear The Brow” and “Raise The Brow” at the beginning of this month after having to miss out on merchandise profits during his run to an National Championship because NCAA rules prohibit players from doing so. Instead, the school says that they monitored the unauthorized sale of merchandise using the “Brow” branding.

“We sent a half a dozen cease-and-desist letters,” said the school’s associate athletic director for marketing, Jason Schlafer in reference to anything with Davis’ name or number on it.

“But towards the end of the season, people were getting really creative.”

When asked whether or not he’ll shave his unibrow, Davis says that he has no desire to simply because of the fact that “everyone’s talking about it.”

His reluctance to shave his new identity even reaches as far as a refusal to do any endorsement deal that would require him to shave it, including razors.

“I might have a commercial where I’m acting like I’m shaving it and then throw I’ll the razor down,” conceded Davis.

Anthony Davis is expected to be taken with the #1 overall pick this Thursday by the New Orleans Hornets.

What do you think of Anthony Davis’ choice to keep and trademark his unibrow?