WWE News: Company Suspiciously Cancels Shane McMahon DVD

In WWE news, WWE has suspiciously canceled the DVD that they had planned for Shane McMahon, according to Wrestling Inc. That has added fuel to the fire of the rumors that the third generation promoter is on the outs with his family and the company that made him famous. Shane is noticeably the only member of the McMahon family to not participate in the biggest moments of World Wrestling Entertainment over the past couple of years. Many had viewed him as the obvious heir to take over the company some day from Vince McMahon, who took over the company from his father years ago.

Back in October, reports surfaced that WWE was considering a DVD for Shane McMahon. It made all the sense in the world because the 45-year-old is still beloved by the fan base even though he has been gone since 2010. Many are fond of McMahon because he was more than willing to put his body on the line when he worked matches more than a decade ago. Rather than just benefiting from nepotism, Shane decided that he wanted to win over the fans by outworking performers that his father was paying on a full-time basis.

Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon
Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon [Photo by WWE]Back in 2010, Shane McMahon left WWE, and that shocked the pro-wrestling world. The rumors at the time were that he left because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had overtaken him as the ones to replace Vince McMahon when he inevitably gave up his position as the Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment. On the surface, Shane was telling the world that he wanted to branch out on his own and find success as a CEO. The belief, though, was that he no longer wanted to be a part of the company if he was not going to inherit the throne, according to the LA Times.

Some have tried to downplay the friction between Shane McMahon and his family. However, the proof may be in the pudding. Shane has refused to attend Wrestlemania or Summerslam, the two biggest wrestling pay-per-view events of the year for WWE. Linda McMahon, who walked away from her position as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment to pursue a career in politics, still makes the time to show up at the event. Some tried to claim that Shane did not have time for pro wrestling because he was the CEO of You On Demand, a company based in China, but he quit running the day-to-day operations back in 2013.

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon [Photo by WWE]There's more than enough footage to complete a Shane McMahon DVD. For someone that did not spend years learning the craft, McMahon has a ridiculous number of highlights. WWE DVDs, however, are more than just highlights. The company typically has performers doing interview segments to fill in the three hours. Other performers, such as Triple H, would likely be more than be willing to give their thoughts on Shane. The belief is that McMahon did not want to be involved. World Wrestling Entertainment knows that if Shane didn't do the interviews, then outsiders would know that there are problems between him and the family.

Shane McMahon may never reconcile his relationship with his family. The position that he was gunning for seems to be filled. Stephanie McMahon is on pace to follow in the footsteps of her father and mother by taking over as the Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment some day. She is already being groomed for the position by being the Chief Brand Officer. Triple H is already in charge of NXT and will some day take over as the person in charge of WWE, according to Dave Scherer of PWInsider. Shane seems to be on the outside looking in.

Do you think Shane McMahon will ever make a return to WWE?

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