Carly Waddell of 'Bachelor In Paradise' Has Found Love Again

After going through a lot of heartbreak on Bachelor in Paradise, Carly Waddell is moving on and has found love again. Us Magazine shared the news that Carly is sharing that she has a new boyfriend and how she got to know him while living in Nashville. She is actually dating country singer and songwriter, Erik DiNardo. Carly is finally admitting that they are more than friends.

"He is the best human. I love Nashville! It's the first place I have ever lived that feels like home!"
Back in September, Carly Waddell hinted that she was dating someone, but didn't share all of the details. All that Carly shared was that she had a new man in her life.
"I'm sort of dating this guy, and we're in the Bridgestone Arena, and we're the only people here."
Of course, when Carly Waddell shared that everyone wanted to know if it might be Kirk DeWindt that she was dating. A lot of people thought that he would realize his mistake and decide that he should be dating Carly once again. On December 10, Carly did clear it up and made sure that everyone knew that the new man in her life was not Kirk Dewindt.
Carly had her heart broken by Kirk Dewindt while on Bachelor in Paradise. It looked like they had a great relationship going on and that they would be dating each other after the show ended. Just a few days before leaving Mexico, Kirk called it quits with Carly and really upset everyone on the show. There was no clue that this would bfe coming to an end.
After the show came to an end, Carly Waddell did share that Kirk DeWindt actually dumped her because he still had feelings for someone back home, but this wasn't seen on the show. Carly shared the details at that time.
"We have talked a few times after paradise. Kirk actually had an ex at home that he couldn't get out of his head…so he went back to pursue what he had left at home. He said the more the weeks went on…the more he felt like he was stepping backwards to her…instead of forwards with me."

After Kirk dumped Carly, there were fans hoping that she would get a spot on The Bachelorette and have a chance to try and find love once again. It looks like Carly did just fine figuring this out without ABC helping her to find the perfect man. All that Carly had to do was go back to her normal life, living in Nashville and she was able to find the perfect person. It doesn't look like she will be heading back to Bachelor in Paradise this summer, either, unless things fall apart with her new man.

Fans are glad to hear that Carly Waddell has found love with Erik DiNardo. With any luck, these two can work it out and she will not end up with a broken heart again. Fans of the show want nothing but the best for Carly. She is really happy with her new man.

Are you happy to hear that Carly Waddell has found love once again? Do you think that it will work this time around for her? Sound off in the comments down below on your thoughts and don't miss Ben Higgins as The Bachelor when it starts airing in January on ABC.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities]