One Direction Fans Raise A Fortune To Celebrate Louis Tomlinson’s Birthday

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has frequently shown that he is a huge supported of a range of charitable causes. Louis is a huge supporter of children’s charities and Tomlinson doesn’t just offer moral support. Louis digs very deeply into his own pocket to support charity, but what is arguably less well known is the fact that Tomlinson’s fans follow Louis’ example by supporting charities close to Tomlinson’s heart.

Back in August, the Mirror reported that Tomlinson donated $3 million of his own money to the Believe In Magic charity, which raises money for children facing life-threatening illnesses. Louis enlisted the support of bandmate Liam Payne to host a grand Cinderella-themed ball for the children and their families. With the help of donations and a charity auction, Tomlinson helped the charity to raise around $7.5 million on the night of the ball. Liam even paid $75,000 to have his face painted.

As every One Direction fan knows, Louis is 24-years-old on December 24, and it has become a tradition for the One Direction fandom to raise money for charity in honor of the stars birthday’s. Louis’ fans have set out to celebrate Tomlinson’s birthday by raising an incredible $24,000 for the Eden Dora trust.


Louis is a patron of the U.K.-based charity, which supports children with Encephalitis or acquired brain injury. Louis was touched by little Eden’s story when he met her. Eden suffered brain injury as a result of Encephalitis and her life has been changed forever. In a statement on the charity website, Louis explains that he was honored to become a patron of the charity.

“When asked if I would consider becoming a patron of their charity I was honoured, there was no doubt in my mind and of course I said yes. I told them I will do everything I possibly can to help raise awareness so I can help other people like Eden. I am incredibly passionate and driven to make a real difference with this brilliant charity.”

One Direction fan Amy has set up a “Just Giving” page to support one of Louis’ favorite charities and, in a statement, says that fans would like to raise $24,000 in honor of Tomlinson’s birthday.

“Louis Tomlinson has done so much for fans and The Eden Dora Trust so we, the fans, would like to give back. In honor of his 24th birthday, we are collecting donations for The Eden Dora Trust. This year, we’d like to raise at least $24,000.”

Louis’ fans have even set up an online shop to sell bracelets to boost the charity funds further still. Incredibly, Tomlinson’s fans have already passed their target total, and the money will continue to roll in as the proceeds of charity auctions and sales of memorabilia are added.


Incredibly, the One Direction fan conglomeration has raised over $162,000 for charities supported by Tomlinson and his band mates. All too often One Direction fans are slammed for being overly obsessive about the group, but as Louis’ fans have shown time and again, they have huge hearts.


One committed Tomlinson fan donated a massive $760 to acquire a handmade quilt inspired by One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” single. By raising such a fantastic amount for Louis’ charity, Tomlinson’s fan family have shown once again that their hearts are as big as Louis’. Louis has every right to be both proud of, and grateful to, his fans for the massive support his fans have shown by raising so much money for his charity.

Some people find it all too easy to sneer at One Direction fans, but as this effort to support Louis shows, many fans are prepared to use their love of Tomlinson and his pals to spread cheer in a world all too often devoid of it.

If you would like to boost Louis Tomlinson’s fan’s efforts, you can do so on the Just Giving page.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]