World’s Largest Lasagna Weighs 5.29 Tons

Chefs in Poland recently set the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest lasagna with a 5.29 ton pasta dish.

According to Reuters, the world’s largest lasagna weighed more than 5 tons, took 10 hours to bake, and was eventually cut up into 10,000 slices.

A giant lasagna may seem like a strange choice for a bunch of polish chefs (the world’s largest pirogi?) but notes that the lasagna was made to honor the Italian national soccer team who were staying at a hotel near the restaurant during the European Soccer Championship.

The Italian players were invited to Trattoria Giancarlo to help cook the world’s largest lasagna but most declined to have a slice.

Giancarlo Rossu, the executive chef at Trattoria Giancarlo, said:

“As you know, 100 meters from this place the Italian team is staying during the Euro Cup. We wanted to celebrate this way and show them that we are with them. It is a nice time with our friends. This shows that the Pols are very proud that the Italians chose to stay here during the Eurocup….I don’t know about the players or if they will try the lasagne because they are on a diet, but they can try just a little bit.”

The Italian team was in Poland before their match against England in the quarterfinals. The Italians ended up winning during penalty kicks.

Here’s a video of the world’s largest lasagna.