WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Tonight’s ‘RAW’ Brings Fallout From ‘TLC’ — Triple H Injured, Return Of Brock Lesnar?

It’s been less than 24 hours since TLC ended, and the carnage after the main event has a lot of questions lingering and rumors swirling. Roman Reigns lost his mind after losing another opportunity at the WWE Title, and he took out his frustrations on Triple H. Tonight on Monday Night RAW, he may have to face the consequences of his actions.

The Five-Point Preview released by WWE.com details the main stories heading into tonight’s RAW, and it looks like a lot of new storylines are coming. What about Brock Lesnar, though? His return is on the horizon, and some think he will show up as early as tonight.

Don’t look for it, as he is still scheduled for his in-ring return on December 19 at The Forum in Inglewood.

Will Roman Reigns be punished?

WWE is trying everything they possibly can to get Roman Reigns over again en route to another possible main event headliner, this time at WrestleMania 32. The fans have not taken to him yet again in this new mega-push, but WWE is really trying to make it work.

Last night at TLC, Reigns lost to Sheamus in the WWE Title match, and then lost it after all was over. He attacked Triple H and laid him out time and time again to the point where he was reportedly injured, as WrestleZone pointed out in a statement from WWE.

“BOSTON – Following Roman Reigns’ vicious attack on WWE COO Triple H at the WWE TLC pay-per-view, WWE.com has learned that The Game is being evaluated by WWE medical staff and will be observed overnight.”

Now, the question is whether Reigns will be punished or not for his actions at the Pay-Per-View. It’s also a big question on whether Triple H will be there, or if Stephanie McMahon will have to carry out the events of the night at RAW.

Will the ECW Originals return to Philadelphia?

Last night at TLC, the ECW Originals weren’t able to leave Boston with a victory over The Wyatt Family in an Elimination Tables Match. It was a dominating performance by the Wyatts, but don’t expect the extreme superstars to go away so easily.

wwe raw rumors ecw [Image via WWE]Tonight at Monday Night RAW, the Dudley Boyz will once again be joined by Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno in Philly, and it’s one of the places that ECW grew to its height. Will any other Originals join them? Will vengeance be had on the Wyatts?

What’s Ambrose’s next move?

Dean Ambrose finally broke through and captured another championship when he won the Intercontinental Title against Kevin Owens last night. It’s likely that Owens is going to want his rematch, but will Ambrose move onto someone else?

Will the unicorns’ magic run out?

Last night at TLC, it was time for The New Day to really shine as they defeated both the Usos and Lucha Dragons to retain their WWE Tag Team Titles. The ladder match was a brutal one, with a lot of big-time spots and some help from a flying trombone.

the new day wwe rumors [Image via WWE]The unicorns are going to head into Monday Night RAW with the titles still in their possession, but how long can they keep this magical ride going? Looks like someone new may step up and challenge them for the gold.

Is Charlotte the dirtiest player in the Divas division?

Even though Paige has been seen as a heel and the one who turned her back on her friends and fans, it was Charlotte stooping to some low tricks again. She retained the Divas Title and is truly beginning to show that Flair blood really does run through her body.

Monday Night RAW is now leading toward the new year and getting WWE on track for the Royal Rumble in January. Will Brock Lesnar show up earlier than his confirmed December 19 return date? Will Roman Reigns have to pay? A lot of questions are out there, and they will all be answered tonight.

[Image via WWE]