Norman Reedus Spotted Kissing Diane Kruger: What Happened to Joshua Jackson?

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead may not be a bachelor anymore. Radar Online shared that he was spotted kissing Diane Kruger, and fans are shocked to hear this news. Reedus and Kruger just worked together on the movie Sky, and it looks like they got pretty close during the filming. Jackson was also in this movie with them, though, so he was around, as well. This past weekend, Reedus and Kruger were seen hanging out and kissing, while her boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, was filming a project in the Philippines. Are these two done for good, and has Diane moved in with Reedus?

Witnesses saw the two together on Friday night and said that they were at East Village dive bar 12th Street Alehouse at around 1:30 a.m. Diane Kruger ordered vodka, and Norman Reedus ordered whiskey. It didn’t look like two friends just out having a drink together, though. Witnesses said that Diane and Norman had a bit of PDA going on.

“They were laughing and having fun and then she just literally got out of her chair and straddled him and we were all like, ‘what the hell.’ They were all over each other. She was a lot more aggressive than him.”

This is a lot more than just kissing going on with Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus. It doesn’t sound like they were trying to hide it from anyone, either. Jackson was hanging out on the beach, where he was working, but no news came out that Jackson had someone by his side. Kruger and Jackson have been dating each other since 2006, but for some reason the couple has never tied the knot. If these two have split, then they are not sharing it with fans.

Norman Reedus’ rep denied that he was kissing Diane Kruger, and Diane’s rep isn’t speaking out at all. Rumors were flying earlier this year that Norman Reedus was dating Emily Kinney, who he worked with on The Walking Dead. E! Online shared the news that Reedus was denying that there was any truth to these rumors.

The New York Daily News shared that another source said that Kruger and Reedus were holding hands and making out on top of each other. Kruger has shared in the past that she isn’t super religious, so she doesn’t feel like getting married is that important to her. It is not that her relationship with Jackson isn’t a good one, or at least wasn’t at one time.

Reedus’ character had an amazing connection with Emily’s character on The Walking Dead. This could be some of what started these rumors and made fans wonder if they were more than friends. The two did look adorable together, but Reedus never admitted to dating her. After that relationship on the show, Reedus shared that he didn’t expect his character to jump right into a relationship with another female.

“The thing is, once you do that, it’s done. I like all the awkward things in between that make a person and make it honest. I think that that character, once he shacks up with somebody, he’s going to be with them for life. I don’t want to blow my wad, so to speak, right off the bat, you know what I mean?”

Back in 2013, Norman Reedus was dating Cecilia Singley. She is a lot younger than Reedus, and the two never confirmed they split, but just haven’t been spotted together since then. It is very obvious that Norman Reedus doesn’t like sharing everything about his personal life in the press.

Do you think that Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger have split and are done with each other? Is she moving on with Norman Reedus or cheating on her man? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for CHANEL]