‘Need For Speed’ Being Turned Into Live Action Movie

The team at Dreamworks is taking the popular video game Need For Speed and turning it into a live action movie. According to reports the movie has been “fast tracked” and will debut in 2014.

Dreamworks worked closely with game developer Electronic Arts to develop the movie and just recently closed the deal. Need for Speed is being written by George Gatin.

Rather than focusing in on one storyline Need For Speed will take its inspiration from the entire NFS franchise. In a press release about the movie Dreamworks revealed that they plan to offer:

“A fast-paced, high-octane film rooted in the tradition of the great car culture films of the 70s while being extremely faithful to the spirit of the video game franchise.”

Following that released Autoblog joked:

“Which makes it sound like there’ll be Lamborghinis, Nobles and Shelbys driven by middle-aged dudes with mustaches and huge sunglasses, and at least one afro.”

The movie will be directed by Scott Waugh, the very same director who just wowed audiences with the special ops flick Act of Valor. Even better is the fact that Electronic Arts is allowing fans to suggest which cars should be used in the film via the company’s Facebook page.

In announcing the partnership between EA and Dreamworks, EA Games Label Vice President Patrick Soderlund proclaimed:

“It’s fantastic to be working with a team that shares not only our love of cars, but also our passion for creating blockbuster action experiences. This collaboration will be greatly enhanced with the team at DreamWorks – which is a great home for the Need for Speed franchise. Working with John and George to develop the script has truly been an outstanding experience.”

One thing is for certain, the movie already has an established audience as Need for Speed has grossed more than $4 billion while selling more than 140 million copies of its various Need For Speed video games.