Joey Feek Walks Again, Teaching Daughter Sign Language

Joey and Indy in the living room from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

Joey Feek is still battling cancer and hoping for a miracle. The reality is that Joey is already getting a miracle every single day as she continues to get to spend time with her young daughter, Indiana. Rory Feek just went to their blog This Life I Live to share that Joey Feek actually had a really good day this week. Even though she is not cured, Joey got to spend an amazing day with her daughter, which is something they thought might not ever happen again. Feek was able to get out of bed, walk into the other room and help teach her daughter, Indiana sign language.

Fox 25 Boston shared the news over the weekend that Joey Feek was out of bed and playing with Indiana. This was before Rory went to the blog to share all of the details about the great day they had on Friday. As they explained, most of us can get on the floor and play with their children every single day, but Joey Feek has not had that luxury. This picture gave everyone a lot of hope that Joey could find a miracle.


Rory shared that last Friday was a “gift” to them because of how well the day went for Joey Feek. They had a great day with the sun out shining plus Rory shared how nice this day was for Joey as she walked once again.

“That’s not as simple as it sounds when you’ve been in a hospital bed for weeks and were prepared to possibly never walk again. But I guess the power-of-the-will is much stronger than the power of fear. Honestly, I think Joey just got tired of listening to life going on in the rooms outside of her bedroom and tired of wondering what it would be like to be part of it… and she just had her sister Jody help her out of bed and she came out and sat down and joined in for about an hour and a half.”

Rory Feek even shared the video of Joey walking into the room and it looks like she handled it all very well considering what she is going through right now. They even had family and friends over that got to see Joey Feek walk once again. Rory shared that Joey even got to get down on the floor with Indiana and be her mom again. Joey was teaching her sign language and playing with her adorable little girl.

Joey and Indiana on the floor
[Image Via Facebook]

This was a great day for Joey and Rory, but of course, for Indiana. She will always have the photos and videos of her mom on this day to help her remember. Joey Feek got to be a mom again, which is a huge gift to everyone involved. Rory went on to explain how they spent the end of that day.

“Before Joey went to sleep this evening, I sat beside her and she told me that for her it’s all come into perspective recently. She said that when you’re lying in a bed day after day and you can do nothing and you don’t know if you’re gonna be here next Christmas, or next month or even next week… you suddenly become hyper-aware that today… that this moment – is all you have.”

Right now, Joey Feek is still battling cancer and hoping for a miracle. She is at home and is on hospice at this time. Every single day that Joey gets with her family is a gift, and everyone is still sending prayers to the entire family.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CCMA]