‘Quantico’ Winter Finale Spoilers: Who Is The Bomber?

Priyanka Chopra and the other stars of "Quantico"

Quantico has done quite well for the ABC network. As a new show for the 2015 fall line up, it has held a decent spot in the ratings and is hanging out with a full season order. For a new show placed on Sunday night, that is pretty impressive. As the winter finale for Quantico nears, there are so many questions to be answered. Who is the bomber? Why did they target Alex from the beginning? It looks like fans may get their questions answered, but then they will have to wait quite a few weeks to piece everything together when Quantico returns in the spring.

The biggest Quantico question is who is the terrorist? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Priyanka Chopra believes that Caleb may be the one who has been setting up her character the entire time. After all, he is linked to the bureau through his father. What better way to help his mother get elected than to plan a terrorist attack where she can show what she is made of? Speaking of his mother, Marcia Cross guest stars as Caleb’s mother on the winter finale of Quantico. When she comes face to face with Shelby, fireworks will fly. Shelby isn’t a likely suspect, but she is still on the list. There have been some shady deeds in her life, especially sleeping with a father/son combination. Could she be the one Quantico fans have been overlooking?

Of course, there are a bunch of suspects on Quantico who could have planted the bomb and framed Alex. The show has been showing flashbacks through training, casting doubts on several of the characters. The twins are the least likely suspects because they have been accounted for and were working undercover away from the FBI compound. Also, they were friendly with Alex over everyone else. Simon seemed to be a good guy, especially when he decided to help Alex in the very beginning. As the season progressed, Quantico viewers learned there were some deep, dark secrets. Simon is a very real possibility, but not the only likely suspect on Quantico.

Finally, some Quantico viewers think Ryan could be the one who framed Alex. He did trail her and get close to her on instruction from the director, but it seemed that he was genuinely falling in love with her. In fact, he risked his life to prove her innocence and is still battling in the hospital leading up to the Quantico winter finale. While this may not be a match made in heaven, it is likely these two may end up together going forward.

According to Bustle, Quantico will return March 6. This means that there is more to discuss, especially since the terrorist’s identity will be revealed on the Quantico winter finale. Much of what will be shown will be the motives behind the attack and why Alex was chosen. The details surrounding how and why will likely be addressed, and fans want to know all of it. There is some speculation about the why, especially since Quantico writers have been making sure fans were aware that Alex’s dad was an agent.

There are so many mysteries at Quantico, it will be hard to tie everything up into the winter finale. Thankfully, ABC decided not to cut Quantico down to only 10 episodes and to let the remainder of the season play out. The show struggled to get off the ground in the beginning, but it has been holding steadfast in recent weeks. As the Quantico winter finale approaches, the network is promising fans a shock when the terrorist’s name is revealed. Once that happens, there is so much more to explore. Quantico fans are about to get overloaded with information, some useful and some filler before the identity is revealed. The winter finale of Quantico airs Dec. 13, and it is one episode you won’t want to miss!

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