WWE Rumors: Dudley Boyz Make Challenge For ‘WrestleMania 32’ – Hardy Boyz Accept

WWE is dealing with countless injuries and the loss of talent due to reduced schedules, and they’ve had to resort to a drastic measure here and there. Some stars from the past have made comebacks and others may be on the way, but more is needed. Well, WrestleMania 32 may have a classic match of old come back to life as the Dudley Boyz issued a challenge to the Hardy Boyz, and it was actually accepted.

Yes, TNA has dealt with loss after loss in the past year, and it seems like only more are coming. Sure, they’ve got a new deal on a new TV network, but things just don’t seem to have much of a positive future in anyone’s sights.

Well, their future is going to be made a bit harder to continue, as it is seeming more likely that the Hardy Boyz will be on their way out soon. It’s been rumored for months and months now, but a little bit more concrete proof landed online during Bubba Ray Dudley’s Q&A session on Twitter.

dudley boyz wwe rumors hardy boyz [Image via TNA]During the session, someone decided to drop a question about Matt Hardy to Bubba Ray Dudley. Someone asked him why Matt Hardy is “so incredible,” and Bubba had a fun answer that seemed to stir the pot.

In a fantastic bit of luck, Matt Hardy happened to be on Twitter and decided to respond to Bubba Ray in fitting fashion.

Well, Bubba Ray Dudley was not just going to let that one go by so he had to respond in a fun way. Not just that, but he also issued a challenge to Matt Hardy for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas on April 3, 2016.

“Might be time for 1 more. Get your brother and meet us in Dallas early April.”

Once again, that wasn’t where it ended as a challenge obviously needs a response whether it is accepted or refused. Matt Hardy is never one to back down from a challenge, and he wasn’t going to let a Dudley get the best of him.

“I’ve still got a few left in me. We’re rebuilding Jeff, won’t be too long.. See ya soon, #TLCoriginal!”

Surely sounds like a challenge issued for WrestleMania 32 and a challenge accepted. While that doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to happen or that the Hardy Boyz will end up back in WWE at all, but one never knows what may take place, as SportsKeeda pointed out.

Jeff Hardy‘s deal is up in early 2016 and Matt Hardy is said to be on a pay-per-appearance deal for TNA. That means that when Jeff is ready to go, Matt can go right along with him, and it may be possible that WWE is where they will land afterward.

Back during the summer, the Wyatt Family, most specifically Luke Harper, began taunting the Dudley Boyz on Twitter. At the time, Bubba Ray and D-Von weren’t in WWE, but the seeds were planted for the feud and a few months later, they’re facing off at TLC.

Image via WWE

Not long ago, the Dudley Boyz talked about doing another TLC match at a WrestleMania and they would love to have one against The New Day and the Usos. Still, both Dudleys say it would be hard to live up to the matches they had in the past with the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian.

It’s not necessarily known if the Hardy Boyz will ever be back in WWE, or maybe Jeff will alone or maybe just Matt. Only time will tell, but the Dudley Boyz have put the challenge out there for WrestleMania 32, and for what it’s worth, it has been accepted.

[Image via TNA]