Conviva Scores $20 Million for Hush-Hush 2.0 Technology


Conviva, the maker of a secretive new live media platform, has secured $20 million in new funding for its project. What the project actually is -- well, that's slightly less clear.

Conviva says it's built the Internet's "first live media platform" that lets developers set up a "virtual living room" on their sites. Oh, well...that's much more clear. Thanks.

Here's what we can glean from the company's site: Its video system lets you stream live video with TiVo-like features, letting viewers pause, rewind, and control the content (interestingly, it appears a TiVo co-founder is among the Conviva board members). There's a social component, with user-to-user interaction and sharing functions. There's room for interactive features to go along with the live video. And there's also the potential for in-video, targeted ads and viewer data analysis from the server-side.

Outside of that, the California-based startup isn't saying much -- including when its technology will become available or specifically to whom its being targeted. We do know its fresh round of Series B funding comes from UV Partners, along with original investors New Enterprise Associates and Foundation Capital. It puts the company's total raised capital at $29 million thus far.

Conviva was originally founded under the name "Rinera Networks."

Rinera Networks