Kyle Richards Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken Todd For Unkind Comments, Talks Drama With Kathy Hilton Over Nicky’s Wedding

Kyle Richards, from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Kyle Richards has called out Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, for making unkind comments about her. In her latest blog post, posted on Friday, Kyle said that it “wasn’t very nice” for Ken to make unkind comments about her size and clothing style.

Kyle believes that Ken meant to be mean with his comments. As for why she often wears long, flowy dresses while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle explained that she does that simply because it’s hot. Despite Ken’s comments, Kyle isn’t writing him off.

“Ken making jabs about my size and style wasn’t very nice and seemed quite deliberate. We shoot in the summer and often I will wear loose dresses due to the heat. But I have always cared about Ken and have bigger things to worry about than my clothes right now.”

As the latest episode aired on Tuesday night, and Kyle watched the scene in which Ken made fun of Kyle’s dresses to Lisa, calling them mumus, and Lisa laughingly disagreed. Kyle tweeted that Ken apparently has issues with her clothing, and seems to have talked about it with Lisa before.