Samsung Galaxy S6: Here’s How To Get A ‘Free’ One From AT&T For The Holidays

Anyone looking to upgrade their phone just in time for the holidays might be in luck. Specifically, if you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy S6, AT&T has a deal that might just make your Christmas season. The phone carrier giant is offering customers a “free” Samsung Galaxy S6 — if you’re willing to meet a few conditions first. As Digital Trends discovered, the Galaxy S6 deal isn’t without limitations. Users need to first buy a separate Galaxy phone, and that phone will need to be on a new line.

If you’re looking for Galaxy deals for yourself as well as a family member or friend, this might be just the deal for you, assuming you’re already on AT&T or willing to switch. If one of these categories doesn’t apply to you, you may be better off grabbing a Galaxy S6 retail so you’re not hooked into a carrier plan. Certain Galaxy phones retail at some stores for $578 flat, while AT&T will charge you far less ($229.99), but will require you have a contract with them. This means that you could get hit with hefty fees for deciding to change your phone before the contract is up, and it also obligates you to run your Galaxy on AT&T’s network, so those requirements may be a factor in choosing between retail or AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Here's How To Get A 'Free' One From AT&T For The Holidays

If you’re willing to wait a bit to jump on this deal, the advent of newer products like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the S7 may work to your advantage if the price drops once the S6 is older. If you want a Galaxy for the holidays, though, this is still a fairly good option for those who are already locked into AT&T’s contract. If you want a Galaxy without the contract, T-Mobile is also a solid option, as they do not require contract agreements, but also do not have the “buy one, get one” Galaxy deal.

A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (left) alongside a Samsung Galaxy S6.

[Photo by Eric Risberg/AP Images]