iPad Mini 4 Review: Why Upgrade Now

Why upgrade to the iPad Mini 4, you ask?

So Apple has tons of things lined up in its “iFranchise” we barely know which one to get and when to upgrade. Of course, the iPhone is undoubtedly its best seller, with millions of people upgrading to the latest version every time a new iPhone comes out. But those wanting a handy tablet, those wanting something bigger than the iPhone, but tons handier than a MacBook, then the iPad has become the clear choice.

But speaking of iPad, there’s so many iPad versions out there. There’s the iPad mini, the iPad Pro, and the iPad Air. Today, if you’re still using an older iPad, we will be tackling why it’s the right time to upgrade to the latest iPad Mini 4.

The first iPad mini released in November 2012, and Apple has steadily released iPad minis through the years. Last September, Apple yet again released a newer iPad mini—the iPad mini 4. People loved the original iPad mini and even the second one. A lot of people skipped the iPad mini 3 altogether because it was basically the same with the iPad mini 2, albeit with a Touch ID addition. Those who purchased the iPad mini 2 when it released in November 2013 are still most probably with the same iPad mini until now. We believe this is the right time to let go of that older device and upgrade to the iPad mini 4, to upgrade your user experience to a whole new hassle-free and convenient level.

Dave Hamilton from The Mac Observer was one of the people who upgraded to the iPad mini 4 when it released in September. After using the iPad mini 4 for two months, he decided to go back and try out his older iPad mini 2 to weigh the difference. Technically, the iPad mini 4 would, of course, outperform the iPad mini 2, since the iPad mini 4 uses a more upgraded A8 chip with an M8 motion coprocessor, as compared to the latter’s A7 chip. Hamilton notes:

“The speed, though, wow. When moving from the mini 2 to the 4 I definitely noticed the speed, but I wasn’t convinced that it truly mattered. Moving back, I’m now convinced. I need that speed!”

Playing games and multitasking would really make a difference if one upgrades to the iPad mini 4. In terms of multitasking, especially, the speed is not the only deal-breaker. The split view multitasking has also been one of the huge praises given to the iPad mini 4 and iOS 9.

Split view multitasking is a task native to the laptops and PC, but ever since Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note, which offered the same feature, people suddenly realized how convenient it would be if their tablets or phones will be able to do the same thing. Ever since the first split view multitasking feature from the Galaxy Note, all its subsequent upgrades offered the same feature. The most recent Galaxy Note 5, though, has a very disappointing list of split view-compatible apps, with a lot of frequently-used apps and combinations not compatible with the feature. It seems Apple is remedying this issue, ergo, the split view multitasking for iPad mini 4.

In terms of display, CNET also reports that according to tests run by DisplayMate, the iPad mini 4 outshines both the iPad Pro – which sells at an astounding $799 – and the iPad Air 2. The iPad mini 4 is now considered as the closest to offering a “textbook perfect LCD display.” Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, president at DisplayMate, notes the following.

“The iPad Mini is small but has a gorgeous display — unquestionably the best and most accurate LCD tablet display that we have ever tested. If a 7.9-inch display is big enough, the iPad Mini 4 is the best!”

And to top it off, why now is the best time to upgrade to an iPad mini 4, is because the iPad mini 4 is on sale this weekend at Best Buy. Selling at $399 at the Apple store, the iPad mini 4 is now on sale at Best Buy for $299. That’s $100 in savings! Happy holidays, indeed!

[Featured image via Apple]