Mass Effect 3 ‘Extended Cut’ Update Won’t Please Everyone

As we recently reminded you, the Mass Effect 3 ‘Extended Cut’ DLC is expected to release tomorrow on all platforms.

The nearly 2 gigabyte update, which is free, mind you, adds in new cinematics and “epilogue” scenes that BioWare hopes will add further clarity and closure to fans who were disappointed by the ending. It should be pointed out, however, that BioWare didn’t actually change the ending with the Extended Cut DLC. They just, you know, extended it.

Considering that many fans took issue with the ending as a whole and not just the fact that it was far too brief and unsatisfying, the Extended Cut DLC isn’t going to make anything better for them. As Casey Hudson, the game’s executive producer, said in a recent podcast, reported by OXM UK, “There was some feedback that we can’t address.”

“There are people who just outright rejected the whole concept of the endings, and wanted us to start from scratch and redo everything,” Hudson said in the podcast. “And we can’t do that because that’s not our story, we wouldn’t know how to write that story.

“You can never completely satisfy everyone. We’ve seen a whole range of feedback, ranging from people who wanted a total redo, to people who had concerns and questions about the original endings, to people who loved the original endings and have told us they don’t want to change anything.

“So there’s no doubt that there will be a whole new wave of discussion and debate, maybe even controversy. But we didn’t do the Extended Cut because we’re trying to make everybody happy, make it perfect – we just saw an opportunity to expand on things that we felt could add value to the experience, for those that appreciate it.”

Will you be trying out the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut update tomorrow?