Are Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Hearing Wedding Bells?

It seems there’s another chapter yet to be told in the on-again, off-again Emma Roberts and Evan Peters love saga. Even with Scream Queens filming in New Orleans and American Horror Story shooting in Los Angeles, it seems the couple has found a way to reignite their old romance.

Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Prove True Love Never Really Dies.

It wasn’t long ago that Evan Peters was asked to comment on his relationship with Emma Roberts and the American Horror Story actor declined to reveal news one way or the other. Now, it seems the couple has reunited with a romantic dinner confirming what many have long suspected and that is that Emma and Evan are a hot item, once again.

The date, which was at least partly spent dining at Roku, was said to have been a pleasurable experience for both. Sources at the restaurant reported that Peters and Roberts spent the evening laughing and smiling at one another, while holding hands and cuddling.

“They looked super happy together and noshed on sushi and a few rounds of cocktails before leaving the restaurant together,” a source said of the Roberts-Peters dinner date.

The public displays of affection have already sparked rumors that the couple may again be planning to tie the night, though representatives for Emma Roberts or Evan Peters have yet to confirm anything of the sort.

In the meantime, Roberts will again be starring opposite Peters on American Horror Story, before the close of the season. Ryan Murphy confirmed that Emma would rejoin the anthology series, once her obligations to Scream Queens had been fulfilled.

“She loves the show and wanted to keep being a part of it,” Murphy said. “She’ll probably do two episodes? Not sure.”

Julia Roberts Never Wants To Be On American Horror Story And Emma Roberts Totally Gets It.

Julia Roberts is great friends with Ryan Murphy, but she recently revealed that she has never been a fan of American Horror Story. In fact, when billboards featuring ads for the show’s first season began popping up all over Los Angeles, Julia was on the phone cursing Murphy for the nightmarish images. Ms. Roberts says she wants to support her niece, Emma, but the “fitful scaredy cat” in her won’t let her sit through a single episode.

Meanwhile, Emma isn’t holding it against her aunt, since her own recent experiences have opened her eyes to just how unnerving American Horror Story can really be to viewers.

“I don’t blame her,” the Scream Queens star said. “I was watching American Horror Story: Hotel on my computer and I realized that I was staying in a hotel and I literally turned it off so fast and turned all the lights on and went to sleep with all the lights on. I was like, ‘I don’t even care that I know these people — I’m terrified.’”

Roberts admits that this year’s heavy filming schedules on both Ryan Murphy shows have kept her from getting her Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, as is usually the case. Roberts says that she balances her gift buying between in-store shopping and online purchases, but confesses to resorting to gift cards, when she’s really stumped for a gift.

For herself, Emma says she really just would be happy to spend her holidays at home with family and friends. She says it would be nice to see a movie. Maybe with Evan Peters?

On second thought, the Scream Queens actress adds that she can always do with a new pair of shoes.

Emma Roberts is also starring in the upcoming thriller Nerve, due out in 2016.

[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]