Ben Affleck And Sienna Miller, Strictly ‘Professional?’ Sources Weigh In

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their split after 10 years of marriage, Affleck has been in the public eye as a more negative character than how he was viewed previous to the fall out. Ben was always seen as the doting father, talented actor, and loving husband with a charming appeal. However, news of cheating and alcohol abuse have catapulted the Argo star into a whole different category, which means onlookers are watching for any reason to call him out for more bad behavior.

Most recently, after reports were being made that Ben was attending counseling and working to keep things amicable with Garner, for the sake of their three children, rumors began that Ben had fallen back to his old ways and begun a fling with British actress Sienna Miller. The rumors began after a mere holding of hands on set of the film the two are working on together, one which Affleck has taken on the directorial role for. Suspicions of something more are mostly in part due to the fact that Ben and Sienna did have a fling a number of years ago, before Garner and Affleck were even an item. Naturally, it’s easy to peak the interest of the public with a potential affair and stir up rumors if the two legitimately have a small history together.

However, as the Inquisitr noted recently, there is no romance and the two are simply working together. Hello Magazine got to the bottom of the reason for the mysterious holding of hands that ignited the rumors of a fling between the two actors.

“The photos show the two getting close on set of their new film Live by Night in Los Angeles with Sienna, 33, in costume and her hair decked out in a Twenties-esque style, while Ben kept it casual in jeans and a bobble hat.”

However, the closeness was merely due to Ben’s need to give direction to Miller-something that is clearly a necessity when taking on the role of director. A source reminded of Ben’s thoroughness as a director.

“He is directing her and his movie – a movie in which he stars in. So while they not only share scenes, he directs her. He also directs others in this movie, [but] no one seems to be interested in those photos with him and his male co-stars.”

The Business Standard relays words of an additional source who has witnessed Ben and Sienna on set, noting that the director is keeping things “professional.”

“There are no signs of a romance between them. The paparazzi are there every day they are filming. These photos are often used out of context. He is a great director who likes to hang out on set with those he is directing. He has had some special scenes with Sienna, including kissing scenes. They seem to get along great, but Ben has acted very professional.”

The rumors were heightened by the bit of juicy news that both Affleck and Miller have recently parted ways from their significant others. Ben, now 43, as noted, split from Jennifer Garner just before their 10-year wedding anniversary, back in June. The two have managed to make a go of things living under the same roof while caring for their children, even with a nanny scandal hovering around the them. Miller, likewise, split from Tom Sturridge this past July.

Garner has worn a brave face throughout all of the media frenzy and talk of cheating, nanny scandals, and now Miller flirtation rumors. Despite all, Ben and Jen have seemed to work well together in caring for their three little ones and putting them above all of the rumors and hearsay that have erupted since they announced their split.

[Feature Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]