WWE News: Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle Kevin Owens Upon Return

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has been on the shelf with concussion-like symptoms since April, and it's beginning to look like he will never wrestle in a WWE ring ever again.

Earlier this week, while promoting WWE in Singapore, Daniel Bryan was asked about his in-ring future with WWE, and Bryan noted that his in-ring career with WWE may be over. But, he did make sure to mention that his career, even if he never wrestles in WWE again, won't be over.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, after hearing Bryan's comments, said that, if Bryan ends up leaving WWE when his contract ends because they won't allow him to wrestle, he'll probably end up returning to either Ring of Honor, or New Japan Pro Wrestling, with Ring of Honor being the more likely of the two.

However, it's still not set in stone that Bryan will never be allowed to wrestle in a WWE ring again, as many believe that the company is holding off his return until after WrestleMania 32 due to the fact that Bryan's presence and popularity has ruined their WrestleMania main-event plans for two years in a row, and they don't want them to be ruined for the third consecutive year.

Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan
[Image via WWE]After his interview with New Paper in Singapore, Bryan did an interview with PassThePopcorn.com, and he seemed a bit more optimistic that he would return to a WWE ring at some point, and he said that he'd like to feud with Kevin Owens over the Intercontinental Championship whenever he does return, and try to make the IC Title a main-event championship.
"Well, it depends on where things are when I come back. I mean right now, John Cena isn't on the show but he'll be back for sure, so it all depends. That said, I was really disappointed when I had to give up the Intercontinental Title because I wanted to turn that into a main event title. I would love to come back and feature in the Intercontinental Title picture, especially with Kevin Owens now as champ. That would be something really fun for me."
Bryan suffered a concussion back in March at a SmackDown taping, and he's been out of action ever since.

Daniel Bryan WWE return
[Image via WWE]During Bryan's time away from the ring, he's made a couple of appearances on WWE television, and during those appearances, guys like Sheamus and The Miz have stated that the ex-WWE Champions' career was over. Sheamus was even gloating about ending Bryan's wrestling career. But, every time he's asked if his career is over, Bryan insists that he will wrestle again, even if it's not for WWE.

Daniel Bryan has been ready to return to action since back in June, as he told Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated over the summer that he had talked to WWE about his injury, and made it clear that he was ready to return to the ring. However, WWE's head of medical Dr. Joseph Maroon advised WWE to not allow Bryan to return due to the number of concussions he's suffered throughout his career.

"I'm trying. I don't want to push, push, push. I've made my statement to WWE, but they're going to listen to their doctors. I'm trying to do it as soon as possible, but they're looking out for my best interests, so I'm trying to be a little bit patient with them."
Other doctors who are not affiliated with WWE, including one who works with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, have told Bryan that he's healthy enough to return to the ring, however, WWE's head of medical still hasn't changed his stance on the issue.

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