Octomom Nadya Suleman Dating Amateur Body Builder Frankie G.

Nadya Suleman, AKA the Octomom, has found a new boyfriend. The 36-year-old mother of 8 is now dating Frankie G., a 23-year-old amateur body builder.

Suleman said that she met the bodybuilder “through church” and that the age difference hasn’t been a problem for them since she has “a mind of an 18-year-old.”

TMZ reports that the new “let’s-hope-they-don’t-make-a-reality-show” couple have been dating for about two months. Suleman and Frankie G. are reportedly getting serious but the Octomom said that she’s still adhering to her plan to stay celibate.

Suleman said after having 8-kids that she was going to stay celibate until all of her children were 18.

Suleman said:

“I’ve been celibate for 13 years and plan to remain so until the octuplets are 18…. Men love me, but I will be celibate for the next 15 years.”

And Frankie G. doesn’t seem to mind. The amateur body builder said that dating an older woman with a lot of kids has its challenges, but that he’s enjoying his time with Suleman.

Frankie G. said:

“It has its moment… Obviously she has a lot of kids, but it’s wonderful. I enjoy it. And she’s a wonderful person — she has a wonderful heart.”

Suleman may be celibate but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t exploring her sexuality. The mother of 8 recently starred in an adult film and agreed to a one-time stripping gig. (Suleman recently pulled out of the stripper gig, a choice that may result in a lawsuit.)

Here’s a photo of Suleman and her new boyfriend Frankie G.

nadya suleman

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