Duchess Kate Haircut: Kate Middleton Chops Her Long Locks, May Draw Inspiration From Khloe Kardashian

Duchess Kate got a haircut, getting rid of her once-long locks in favor of a shoulder-length look that has been drawing plenty of praise online.

Kate Middleton showed off her new ‘do at the ICAP’s annual Christmas Charity Day. While there, the royal couple was able to raise a huge amount for charity — the brokerage firm donated commission on all of the $540 million in deals they did for the day.

Kate and William even took to the phones, closing a few deals themselves.

William got some hints from brokerage dealer Dan Lebeau, who sported a skirt and pair of sky-high heels for the event.

“That was the first thing he asked me — where on earth did I get them from,” Lebeau told the Daily Mail. “I’m a size ten and it wasn’t easy. I told him we were quite enjoying it but I had new respect for women.

“I didn’t have the guts to come in like this, though. We all changed when we got here.”

Despite the bit total for charity, the talk afterward was all about Duchess Kate’s new haircut.

As People magazine’s Style Watch pointed out, Kate Middleton may have been inspired by a famous American counterpart, Khloe Kardashian.

“From the front it looks like Kate has joined the lob squad (Khloe Kardashian and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are all-star members) with a clavicle-level cut,” the report noted. “But upon closer inspection of the cut from every angle, it appears that she’s simply trimmed a few inches off her long layers. The result? An ultra-bouncy look that’s much shorter than we’ve seen on the royal throughout her many years in the spotlight.”

The report added that Duchess Kate’s new haircut gives her a new way to style the bangs she debuted back in September along with her return from maternity leave.

The new haircut earned plenty of praise from fans online, with many calling it a perfect twist on Duchess Kate’s signature style.

Others noted that the haircut isn’t really that big of a change for Duchess Kate. Fashionista noted that the new hairdo could be classified as a “Mom Haircut,” which is somewhat more manageable for Kate’s busy schedule and duties with two young children at home.

“If this haircut allows for the Duchess to shave off five minutes from her daily blowout, that’s five minutes well spent,” the report noted.

It’s not just the haircut that’s making headlines for Kate Middleton. She also made waves for a different fashion choice, one inspired by Britain’s royalty past.

Though Duchess Kate isn’t big on wearing a tiara, she recently went out wearing the Lover’s Knot Tiara, which was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1933 and made famous by her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana. Kate Middleton wore the tiara at a Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The tiara had been on the shelf since Princess Diana’s death in 1997, but Kate decided to give it some new life at the event this week. As Marie Claire noted, Duchess Kate didn’t make a big deal about the tiara, and was spotted only briefly wearing it when she was traveling to the event.

Others noted that Duchess Kate’s new haircut seems to be drawing inspiration from a different family member. The Daily Mail noted that Kate Middleton appears to be taking a fashion cue from her mother, Carole Middleton, who also sports a lob haircut and just happens to use the same hair stylist as Kate.

[Picture by Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool /Getty Images]