‘X Factor UK’ Finale Flopped in Ratings Even After Adele and Little Mix Appearances, Will The Show Get Axed?

X Factor UK Finale has just finished with the top two contestants battling their way to the championship. Though it should have been a nerve-wracking moment for the fans, it did not translate in the numbers everyone expected.

Unfortunately, the X Factor UK finale experienced its lowest ratings ever last night. They were down to 5.72 million viewers and that was about 2 million viewers lower than last year’s show. Though there were about 224,000 people who watched on +1, this was still a disappointing turnout for the show.

According to Express, the show’s competitor, “Strictly Come Dancing” was able to reach 10.2 million viewers during the same time slot.


Aside from the flopped ratings, the show was also immensely criticized for its multiple tech issues.

X Factor UK hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack got in a lot of trouble when they were hit by the production error. The duo was trying to go to the performance replay when the audio turned to focus on the audience’s howling. Flack was also heard on the microphone speaking to the bosses while trying to figure out how to remedy the issue.

“We just have to apologize really quick for that, we went to the wrong VT. But here we go, let’s look at the evening so far,” Flack said.

Flack and Murs tried to revive the show but the show just had an awkward moment before Little Mix and Fleur East performed.

Murs apologized later on and said that it was just a “mix up.”

At the time, the show’s boss, Simon Cowell, looked surprised at how the hosts were performing during the show. Even judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini awkwardly smiled throughout this moment.

Flack took to her Twitter account to defend herself and Murs.

“Not our fault. Technical issue. Get your facts right.”

On the other hand, Murs tried to ignore the public backlash posted a more positive tweet saying, “What a first night at Wembley @TheXFactor. Can’t believe we are now down to just 2!! Who wins… @louisa or @ReggieNBollie?!?!”

X Factor UK bosses showed their respect for the hosts and tweeted about the glitch.

“A big SORRY from the #XFactor team for the technical glitch last night. Well done @ollyofficial and @carolineflack1 for handling it so well.”

‘X Factor UK’ Finale Backlash

The viewers were quick react on the mishaps of the X Factor UK finale show. Users have been calling the show a “sham” and a “joke.”

One Twitter user posted, “X Factor is becoming a bit of a joke. Caroline Flack offends my eyes, Ollie looks s**t scared he’s gonna f**k up every time he delivers a line… Reggie and Eboli or whatever the f**k they’re called, will win and they can’t even sing a f**king note.”

Another person posted: “OMG – stumbled on x-factor – first time this year and it’s proper car crash TV! (sic)”

The audience also slammed Ben Haenow and Leona Lewis’ duet after the unfortunate technical glitch.

End of the Road?

With the 11th season of the show getting flopped ratings, a former X Factor UK champion demanded for the show to end.

Even with massive acts joining the show, the X Factor UK finale still failed to pull in the numbers.

Steve Brookstein, X Factor UK champion in 2004, has been actively tweeting about the finale’s performance.

“X Factor is ironic as it has only ever found generic pop schlop. Time to call it a day.”

“Oh no! X Factor now has less viewers than I had votes,” he added.

Brookstein also called out Cowell for the X Factor UK finale tragedy. He said that the judges should not have tried convincing the public that this was their best year ever.

He was also predicting “Captain Cowell” quitting next year’s show for “other commitments.”

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]