Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Heat Up Steamy Romance As Country Crooner Votes Her As ‘The Voice’ 5th Coach [Video]

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been piling on the PDA, to the delight of fans who cheered when The Voice coaches found tuneful love. Ever since Gwen divorced Gavin Rossdale and Blake split from Miranda Lambert, it’s been Stefani, 46, and Shelton, 39, as the main attraction on the hot new couples list as well as on the reality TV show.

But, now there’s a slight problem when it comes to their fondness for canoodling on The Voice. Gwen is supposed to be off the show next season, because The Voice has been rotating female coaches. In Blake’s view, that’s oh-so-wrong. Shelton has a solution to keep both Stefani and a new female coach employed by evoking the new fifth coach concept, reported People.

“I don’t want Gwen to not be on the show, why can’t we have a fifth coach?” proposed a sorrowful Blake.

When told that two female coaches cannot work on the show, Shelton immediately objected to the guideline.

“Why can’t there be? I vote for that!” cheered Blake.

Stefani kept her responses general.

“I wonder…” she mused about who she would miss, noting the current “chemistry [of all the coaches].”

Adam Levine was the one who praised Gwen the most when it talking about missing her on The Voice next season.

“I think Gwen has been a stand-out moment. Somehow, when Gwen walks in the room, we all look like we’ve been wearing the same outfit for 10 years,” joked Adam.

Although Stefani and Shelton have played coy during interviews, they’ve been spotted in public enjoying cuddling, kissing, and getting handsy, reported E! Online.

Spotted on a date in Studio City at Casa Vega restaurant, Blake and Gwen were entwined before and after dinner.

“They were there with another couple and were waiting for valet for about five minutes. He kissed her twice and was pretty much grabbing her butt as he did,” a source told E!.

In addition to fondling her booty, Shelton reportedly persuaded Stefani to square dance for awhile. A subsequent round of margaritas appeared to boost their fearless attitude about PDA.

“They were sitting at the bar and were very affectionate during dinner. He had his arm around her, [and] they had margaritas. After dinner they left together and went to her house.”

Rumors about what happened at her house spread the next day when Gwen shared a selfie sporting a Blake-style “10 Pistols Ranch” cap. Is Shelton’s cowboy style rubbing off on usually uber-chic Stefani?

Whether or not it’s really true love, an insider told E! that it is.

Gwen and Blake have cheered for each other’s singing on The Voice, been seen FaceTiming when separated, and went public with fans by sharing social media posts of each other.

“Many of Gwen’s friends love how happy she has been over these past few months, and they believe she found love again,” the insider added.

Another hint of just how increasingly enamored they are with each other? The way that Stefani and Shelton act between performances and during commercial breaks on The Voice, noted People.

“Blake came up to Gwen from behind and kissed her on the head. It was so cute!” an observer informed People. “She turned around looking semi-shocked that he did that.”

The duo started dating in November following Shelton’s split from Miranda after their four-year marriage and Stefani’s divorce from Rossdale after 13 years of marriage.

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