Japanese Company Invents Spray That Makes Everything Smell Like Cat Heads, Felissimo Has Invented The Purrfect Stocking Stuffer For Cat Lovers

Japan is well known for inventing weird stuff, some of which doesn’t seem to have a purpose other than just existing. However, a new fabric spray may just be the “purrfect” stocking stuffer gift for the holiday season.

Japanese company Felissimo has created a fabric spray that will appeal to every cat lover. Teaming up with the Yamamoto Perfumery, according to Kotaku, the sweet smell of cat head is now available for purchase in a bottle. The gift is perfect for anyone who, for whatever reason, can’t have cats but still wants to have the wonderful smell of fuzzy cat head in their life.

Although not all cat heads smell good, many are strangely enticing to the sense of smell. In Japan, cat owners are known to have described the smell of their cat’s heads as anything from sunshine to fresh baked bread. The smell is so enticing that a demand for a bottled version was due for creation.

The cost of the cat head spray, officially known as Fluffy Brow Scented Cat Water, costs approximately $10, according to the Huffington Post.

Mr. Yamamoto, the owner of the Yamamoto Perfumery, made it his mission to replicate the sweet smell of a cat head and bottle it for all that enjoy the smell. During his research, he visited a variety of Japanese cat cafes. Over the course of four months, he smelled countless cat heads so he could find those that smelled the best in order to recreate their aroma. Once he found the right smells, he was busy working on recreating it for the public. Now, anyone who desires the smell can purchase a bottle of Fluffy Brow Scented Cat Water to spray on their linens, clothes, favorite cat stuffed animal, pet dog, or anything else they desire to smell like a cat head.

It is not entirely known what makes the cat head smell so great. It could be the lingering saliva that cats rub from their paws to their fur during bathing time. It could be a natural scent from the fur itself. But to many Japanese people, it is purely wonderful and pleasing to the nose. It is unknown whether the Fluffy Brow Scented Cat Water will make its way to the United States, but those who desire the cat head scented spray could order it and have it shipped internationally.

As can be expected, some Americans are baffled as to why anyone would want to smell a cat’s head, let alone smell like one. A commenter by the name of Slander thinks the whole spray is rather weird.

“I’ve been a cat owner for more than 30 years and never, even once, have I sniffed the backs of their heads. That’s pretty weird, y’all.”

Dan.The.Man shared that he enjoy’s the smell of his cat’s head.

“I thought I was the only cat owner obsessed with how good my cat’s head smells. It’s like a baby’s head with that sweet milky aroma. My cat doesn’t love it when I smell its head and kiss it, but I don’t care. I’m its father…”

Although it is unknown whether the next big thing will be puppy dog breath spray or some other scent that is enticing, Fluffy Brow Scented Cat Water is here to stay, at least for a little while.

What are your thoughts on Fluffy Brow Scented Cat Water? Is it worth the $10?

If you haven’t smelled your cat’s head, are you a little curious now?

[Image via Vaclac P3k/Shutterstock]