Anna Duggar Told To ‘Clean House’ & Dump Josh Duggar By Rebel Cousin Amy? Why She’s Thankful For Show Fame [Pics]

Anna Duggar was avoided as a topic in interviews by Duggar family members following the scandals of husband Josh Duggar, with one exception: rebel cousin Amy Duggar King. Amy frequently talked with the media regarding the scandal-ridden oldest son of the Duggar family and his wife, as discussed below. In addition, her husband Dillon King boosted the publicity by sharing a photo in which he was holding the couple’s youngest baby, which turned into a mini-scandal over the fact that the baby girl was wearing jeans, as the Inquisitr reported.

When it comes to defending Josh’s wife, Amy has become the leader of the pack, reported Us Weekly.

“She’s good,” insisted Amy. “I talk to her a lot. She’s doing good. She’s strong. I wouldn’t be handling it quite the same way.”

Amy is rebelling against Duggar family tradition by declining to immediately start planning for a baby. She and Dillon wed in early September in Bentonville, Ark. Some of her cousins immediately asked if she was pregnant after returning from her honeymoon, revealed Amy.

“There’s no honeymoon baby,” said Amy firmly. “My cousins asked me when I got back — they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked! They were…almost upset, you know? [We’re] definitely not planning anything, not anytime soon.”

And Amy also demonstrated her rebel qualities by dismissing the path laid by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, matriarch and patriarch of 19 Kids And Counting fame.

“We don’t want a lot of kids,” revealed the rebel Duggar.

Girls Night Out, But Don’t Diss Josh’s Wife, Or You’ll Hear From Amy

Amy also persuaded Anna to join her on a girls’ night out, and Amy posted a photo on Instagram warning those who might post something cruel.

“Any negative comments will be deleted, just try me. She’s beautiful!” wrote Amy.

The event that the two attended was for Loving Choices, a family planning group that provides various health services for women. They do not offer any type of contraceptives or anything related to abortion.

“[We] go to this fundraiser ever year, a lot of the family does,” shared Amy. “We love babies and just love this event. Aunt Michelle was there, Jessa and Ben were there, my mom, Dillon, a lot of the family was there. The event raised over $300,000.”

Amy Feels Grateful For Fame She Acquired On 19 Kids And Counting

And although 19 Kids And Counting was cancelled following the scandals generated by Duggar, Amy lists the reality TV show as high on her list of items for which she is thankful and grateful because it brought her fans, she shared on her Instagram page.

Amy revealed that she became a star on the show when the producers asked her to join and serve as a discreet third party on a date.

“I’m just the Duggar’s cousin who showed up to pick my Gma up from my cousins house one day and the producer asked if I wanted to be the chaperone of Josh and Anna’s date. I laughed and said something like ‘I don’t think my uncle would want me to chaperone that date.’ The producer immediately just basically threw me on camera, and I became known as the ‘crazy cousin Amy’ or my favorite ‘the rebel Duggar,” posted Amy.

Amy Advises ‘Cleaning House’ Of People To Be Avoided – Is She Talking To Josh’s Wife?

Now she’s also attracting more fans with a new blog. And in her latest, Amy goes on what she admits is a “rant” that may have something to do with the Duggar family.

“I’ve been cleaning house on who I want to be associated with,” revealed Amy. “Maybe you should do the same, does any names come to mind?”

Is that a hint to Anna about leaving her marriage? Amy also gives another indication that she’s addressing Duggar’s distressed wife.

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are good for you,” advised Amy.

As the Inquisitr reported, Anna recently admitted that she is heartbroken but visited her husband in rehab and emphasized she still believes in him despite the newest sex scandal, involving a lawsuit from an adult film star.

What do you think about Amy’s advice? Is she right recommending that Duggar’s wife dump him? Post your comments below.

[Image via Amy Duggar/Twitter]