Kate Middleton Gets Flirty In The Name Of Charity, Raises $12 Million For Causes [Video]

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the ICAP 23rd annual Charity Day in London on December 9 to help the organization raise money for charity, where, yes, Kate was chided for “flirting” with customers. All in good fun, the Duke of Cambridge told Kate that she should “stop flirting with them now,” but it seems Middleton’s efforts weren’t in vain as $12 million was raised during the day, reports Us magazine.

Each year, ICAP donates revenue received in its global offices on Charity Day to various pre-selected organizations, including those supported by William and Kate. During Charity Day, ICAP closed almost $547 million in deals, with $12 million in revenue going to the charities.

The day is meant to be fun with traders getting into the spirit of Charity Day by dressing up in costumes, reports Us. One broker, Nigel Halligan, wore a shirt, tie, and suit jacket on top, but wore short shorts and high heels on the bottom!


Some of the organizations that will receive a portion of the $12 million include SkillForce, which counts Prince William as a patron, and Place2Be and SportsAid, which are two organizations Kate Middleton supports, reports Us.

Kate Middleton and Prince William got into the spirit of the day, hopping on the telephones and getting a lesson in what it’s like to be a stockbroker. Prince William especially seemed to love Charity Day, and urged brokers to close larger and larger deals, at one point shouting into his phone “[i]s that all, James? Is that all you can do?!”

Middleton arrived at the day wearing a power suit, and also got into the spirit of the day, and perhaps getting a little too friendly, reports Us. Prince William teased Kate, telling her “I think you can stop flirting with them now!” as Middleton raised money by closing deals. William explained to a nearby worker that his “wife is just embarrassing me!,” all in good fun, of course.


Kate and William also shot some hoops, with William getting three in a row while Middleton missed her first two shots. She did finally make a basket however! They also played ping-pong as a way to show support for SportAid, one of the day’s charity recipients.

William revealed that although Kate Middleton was polite as she played ping-pong at the event, she isn’t “normally this polite when we normally play.”

“Or this quiet!,” Kate replied as the prince urged Middleton to “have more than a rally of more two goes,” reports Us.

Kate recently wowed fans when she arrived at the Queen’s annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace wearing a very famous tiara — the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara owned by Princess Diana. The world has noticed Kate has a similar style as the late Princess of Wales, which includes a toned-down and sophisticated look.


The iconic tiara was given to Diana by the Queen as a wedding present in 1981, reports the Mirror.Diana wore the tiara for the first time the following November at the Parliament opening.

Although the hairpiece was worn frequently by Princess Diana, it had been in the royal vaults for some time, until Kate Middleton asked to wear it. And remember that Kate also wears Diana’s famous sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring, reports the Mirror.

Just like Diana, the charities Kate Middleton supports are important to her. Daily, Kate works with and visits the organizations that are important to her. And like Diana, Kate is trying to give her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as normal of an upbringing as possible. The Mirror reports that Diana made sure her children were able to experience normal life, such as trips to the zoo and to McDonalds, and Kate Middleton reportedly strives to give George and Charlotte a similar upbringing.

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