Anna Duggar Visits Josh In Rehab, Writing Love Letters To Each Other

Anna and Josh Duggar together

Josh and Anna Duggar are going through an obvious rough patch since he was sent off to rehab for his sex addiction. News came out that Josh cheated on Anna by finding girls to meet on the Ashley Madison website, and this all went down while she was pregnant. ET Online shared that while Josh is in rehab, he may not be seeing his family, but Anna and Josh are writing love letters to each other. It looks like they could be working on their relationship.

A source close to the family shared that Josh and Anna have, of course, been spending time apart since August and now they are writing letters to each other. Here is what the source had to say about Anna and Josh Duggar.

“Anna is planning on getting back together with Josh, that’s just how it goes. The family was taught to have a new level of forgiveness towards Josh.”

On Tuesday, Anna Duggar was spotted in the same town as Josh’s rehab facility and was there to see her husband. This actually may have not been the first time that Anna went to see Josh. Some sources say that she was also there before Thanksgiving. There have been rumors that she might divorce him, but it is obvious that Anna isn’t totally sold on that idea yet. The source shared that Anna and Josh prayed together and that she cried seeing him.

Over Thanksgiving, Jessa Seewald actually posted several pictures of the family and Anna and Josh were not pictured. Anna has been spending a lot of time with the Duggars when she is at home, so if Anna had been there then she probably would have been pictured. A few rumors spread that Josh was already home, but that isn’t the case since Anna is off seeing him now. He is expected to stay in rehab for about six months, which would mean he has a few more months there.

She Knows shared that while Anna Duggar was there visiting with Josh, they talked about a lot of things, including the cheating. Anna does know that he cheated on her, but she is a bit unsure about all the details, considering what is being said in the press. Porn star Danica Dillon has filed a lawsuit against Josh Duggar for $500,000, saying that he was rough with her when they had sex. The source explained how Anna feels about it all.

“[Anna] believes Josh cheated on her — because he admitted he did — but she does not believe Danica’s story. She doesn’t think Josh could be so aggressive.”

The source then went on to explain that Josh Duggar, of course, is denying that things went down the way Danica says that they did between them. Josh is not revealing that he was aggressive like Danica is saying that he was in her lawsuit.

“Josh is still denying it happened and told Anna that since he was living a life of sin, he isn’t surprised that people are making things up about him. But Josh doesn’t confess anything until he is absolutely caught in a lie.”

Are you shocked to hear that Anna Duggar is visiting Josh in rehab and writing love letters to him? Do you think that she is going to end up staying with him in the long run? Don’t miss the new Duggar special coming to TLC this weekend. The special Jill & Jessa: Counting On will air the next three Sundays. Anna Duggar will be on the show and talking about the heartbreak she felt when she found out Josh cheated on her.

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