WWE News: Racist Family Targeted Roman Reigns, Kicked Out

In WWE news, a family hurled racial comments towards Roman Reigns and were kicked out of the Smackdown taping, according to Wrestling Inc.

On Tuesday, WWE held their weekly Smackdown taping in Jacksonville, Florida. Things were going as usual until Roman Reigns, who is scorned by a good amount of fans because they feel that he is receiving a big push that he does not deserve, made his routine entrance through the audience. A couple of young kids decided to hurl some racial comments at the man who is scheduled to challenge Sheamus at TLC pay per view next Sunday.

While a lot of fans do not like Roman Reigns, the people in the audience were able to put that aside. Most of them came to the defense of the WWE star. They yelled back at the two kids for using such profanity against performers who are simply playing a character. That caused the mother of the two boys to go into defense mode. Rather than admonishing her children for behaving inappropriately, the mother started arguing with the other audience members and making accusations. She started accusing others of taking photographs of her sons and getting angry about that.

When the world found out that a terrorist organization known as ISIS had made the Survivor Series one of their targets for a potential bombing attack, that forced WWE to increase the amount of security that they utilized at their live events. The same was true at the Smackdown taping in Jacksonville. It did not take long for the increased security staff to notice that there was a commotion in the audience. Management instructs them to pay especially close attention to where the cameras are pointing. They quickly rushed towards the area to pacify the situation by escorting the family out of the arena.

One of the more interesting things about the entire situation at the Smackdown taping is the choice of words that the children used against Roman Reigns. It is usually one that is intended for African Americans. Though WWE did not want to initially admit this, Roman Reigns is a Samoan. His cousins are Tamina Snuka, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso. Together, they are a part of the legendary Anoa’i that have been a part of professional wrestling for decades. Reigns is also related to Dwayne Johnson, the half black, half Samoan movie star that used be known as The Rock.

Another interesting thing is that this is not the first fan incident for Roman Reigns. Back in August, when WWE was doing a live event in Victoria, British Columbia, a fan decided to show his disdain towards Reigns. While the 30-year-old was making his entrance for a match against Bray Wyatt, the fan threw a replica of the Money in the Bank briefcase that can be purchased in the lobby of the arena. The item struck Roman in the head and caused him to be a little groggy. To his credit, Reigns was able to work the entire match.

The belief here is that these fans are like the impressionable ones that you would normally see within the internet wrestling community. They see a lot of people starting to hate on Roman Reigns so they follow suit in order to fit in. The hate grows, much like it did for John Cena. WWE is fully aware of the problem. That’s why they have been trying to win back some of the fans for Reigns recently. Roman was given a stable that features popular performers like Dean Ambrose, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. They’re hoping to convince fans to accept Reigns as the top star.

Do you think certain fans take their hatred of Roman Reigns a bit too far at times?

[Featured Photo by WWE]