Usher Dies In Car Crash? Nope He’s Still Mentoring Justin Bieber

Usher dies in car crash was a trending term all over the internet on Monday morning after prank site Global Associated News decided that the start of the week would be a good time to kill off Justin Bieber’s mentor just for the fun of it.

The 33-year-old “Yeah” singer however is alive and well and did not in fact die in a single-vehicle crash in New Jersey as the original reported claimed.

You may recall that Usher was “killed in a car crash” back in April when the same hoax began surfacing around the internet.

Global Associated News is also responsible for the fake deaths of Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Luke Perry, Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, Mariah Carey and many other well-known celebrities.

What might be the funniest part of this constant rumor is the number of blogs and other websites that pick up the rumor, run obituaries and simply take the news at face value without actually determining if Usher really died.

In the meantime Usher is better than not dead, he will be receiving a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2013 and his protégé Justin Bieber continues to sell out concerts around the world while providing millions of CD sales and digital song downloads.

The last time we exposed a fake “Usher is dead” prank we discovered that he was actually at Disney World with his kids and he was able to laugh off the rumors.

Did you fall for the “User Dies In Car Crash” prank?