Join Clubs, Go Skinny Dipping In ‘The Sims 4’ Latest Expansion, ‘Get Together’ Available Now

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Sims are now welcome in Windenburg, the new world available in the second expansion to The Sims 4 entitled “Get Together.” Windenburg, the new Club feature, new skills, and a wealth of new objects are all a part of the expansion. After a slight delay, “Get Together” is finally available to play, and players can dive in right now by creating or joining Clubs, having a party just about anywhere, or gathering around a bonfire.

The Sims 4 developers decided to accompany the launch of “Get Together” with a new trailer where Sims sing about the new world and what players can expect from the expansion. The focus of the video seems to be on the new world of Windenburg with an emphasis on how Sims can interact with each other, thanks to the expansion. As The Sims 4 official Twitter account notes, the expansion is available now in North America. It is expected to release globally throughout the week.

Although the video shows plenty of Sims singing in English, rest assured that the characters will still speak Simlish in the game. The video highlights many of the details players are familiar with in “Get Together” including dancing, group activities, night life, and more. For instance, Sims are seen skinny dipping at a new pool venue lot, and some are seen raising the new DJ skill at the local club. Players can preview some of the new clothes, accessories, and building options in the trailer as well, but a full preview of all the items and objects in the expansion can be found on the official game website.

The expansion adds the European-inspired neighborhoods of Windenburg with a number of Tudor Modern home perfect for any Sim. “Get Together” also includes walls, floors, and other objects perfect for players to create their own Windenburg homes. A plethora of new clothes, hairstyles, furniture, and much more are also added to The Sims 4 with “Get Together.”

The Sims 4

Expansion content is not the only new and shiny stuff to play with in The Sims 4 this month. The holiday update that preceded the expansion’s release also added a few new objects to the free “Holiday Celebration Pack.” As the Inquisitr reported, a new lighted tree, snowflake decals, decorative presents, and more were added to the pack. Players that previously downloaded the “Holiday Celebration Pack” will see the new items automatically. Players that have yet to download it can do so via Origin to obtain all of its contents for free.

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