Is Liam Payne Collaborating With Nathan Sykes And Austin Mahone?

Liam Payne may be working with one of his musical enemies. Though One Direction is going on their hiatus, Liam plans to continue writing music either for himself or his bandmates. He’s even considering working with former boy band rival The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes.

In case you forgot, One Direction and The Wanted were in a bitter feud a few years ago. Both UK boy bands were hot and happening at around the same time. While 1D was known for hits like “What Makes You Beautiful,” The Wanted was known for their mature songs like “Glad You Came.”

It also appears that the feud between The Wanted and One Direction were very much real. In an interview with the Daily News, Max George said he would challenge his rivals into a boxing match.

“We would like a boxing match — them against us. It would be brilliant for TV and I don’t have a problem with it at all.”

Of course, the fight never took place. But now let’s get back to Liam Payne’s plan to collaborate with Nathan Sykes. The “Kiss Me Quick” singer told The Sun that there’s no longer a feud, especially since The Wanted has been on their own hiatus since January 2014.

“That was a few years ago, everyone has grown up. I hate confrontation so it was nice to see them on a friendly level. I sat down with a few of them and we kind of laughed about it. It was nice to see them and be like, ‘Oh my god, we can be friendly with each other.’”

Their amicable meeting forged a friendship between Liam Payne and Nathan Sykes. The two musicians met up with each other at the Jingle Ball in San Francisco last week. Sykes revealed to the British outlet that they plan on working on some music together as soon as their schedules allow it.

“I spoke to Liam about writing together, which is going to be cool. I’m looking forward to that when we can get it in our schedules.”

Liam Payne and Nathan Sykes may not be the only heartthrobs collaborating in the near future. Rumors are also swirling that Payne may also collaborate with up-and-coming singer Austin Mahone. The two singers drove fans wild when they posed for a picture together over the weekend.

Austin Mahone took to Instagram to share a snap shot of himself with the 1D member, along with the caption, “Nicest guy @fakeliampayne.”

The pair met up since they performed at the same concert venue. If the two talked backstage, then maybe they thought about collaborating together some time in the future. While 1D goes on hiatus next year, Payne has revealed that he wants to work on his own solo music. Maybe he’ll have both Sykes and Mahone featured on a few of his tracks.

Payne has been vocal about songwriting lately. Back in August, he revealed to Magic Radio (via The Mirror) that he wants to focus on his songwriting career.

“I’m more interested in the writing side of things if I’m being honest. I like writing songs for different artists and crafting a song is a really beautiful thing to do….I much prefer doing that sort of thing.”

Then in September, Payne revealed to Attitude magazine that he wants to work more behind the scenes while his 1D band mates go solo.

“When the other boys go solo, I would love to write songs for them. I want to make great music that people want to listen to.”

What are your thoughts on the news about Liam Payne and Nathan Sykes’ collaboration? Or, would you rather see him collaborate with Austin Mahone? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]